Monday, March 30, 2015

Back to our 'normal' routine

Coyote Valley RV Resort
Morgan Hill, CA

We waved goodbye to my cousin Kelly and her husband Gary,
and their friends Rusty and Gina yesterday.
Our last few days with them were filled with eating and socializing..

Michelle and her husband Steve came and joined us at the BBQ area as well.

We really enjoyed our time with them,
and we have tentative plans to see them in Montana this summer.

Yesterday I decided to have a little fun and dye some eggs for Easter.

George lent a hand too :-)

I just love the color of dyed eggs!

Today is haircut and pedicure day, and Connie is joining me for the pedi.

Tomorrow I'm driving my Mom to Bakersfield for a few days
to take care of some family business.

We have only 6 more weeks here in CA!


  1. Glad you didn't get confused and cut the eggs and dye your hair pink or green.

  2. I loved dying eggs. What fun. What did you do with them? It seems like you just got to California and you are talking about leaving already. 6 weeks really? That was a short stint it seems to me.

  3. You'd be more than welcome back here at the COE. Ranger Dave would leap for joy! ;c)

  4. So, we're you headed when you leave?

  5. Give me a call before you leave. I'm off on Tuesday and Wednesday.

  6. Love dyed Easter eggs too! Guess I better get going if we are going to have any :)

  7. That remaining six weeks will give it time to warm up a bit up north. Judy and I will be back in Madras in a few days and the temps are still a bit chilly there.

  8. We haven't dyed eggs in years -- sounds fun. I hope you hid them around the RV and had an Easter egg hunt. :-)