Wednesday, February 11, 2015

We're still here :-)

Coyote Valley RV Resort
Morgan Hill, CA

Just an update so you don't think we fell into the Pacific :-)

Since I last posted it's been business as usual here.
I've been getting a lot of walking in,
and when the rains came I went into the fitness center and walk the treadmill.

Speaking of the rain..
it poured here 3 days in a row, 
but didn't help the drought much.
It did produce the most beautiful rainbows..

The hills are getting a bright green,
so nice to see!

George and I have been traveling down to Salinas 
to spend time with my Mom once a week.
My Mom's house finally closed after a few glitches,
and my Dad's truck sold after 3 months of sitting on a consignment lot.

Tomorrow I'm going down to spend the day helping her with tax stuff.
I also get to take my son Adam out for a birthday breakfast.
He's turning 30! Yikes!

We're getting some visitors in a month or so...
George's daughter Heather and her boyfriend John,
and my cousin Kelly and her husband Gary.
There'll be some fun times coming!


  1. Glad the house and truck sold. Good to get that "out of the way". Have fun visiting.

    Jim and Linda

  2. I'm sure your mom is relieved to have the house and truck finalized. Tax time is never fun though :)
    Enjoy your company and Happy Birthday to Adam!

  3. Good to hear you and George are well. Glad the house and truck have been taken care of. Sure your Mom appreciates having you close enough to help with all this!!

  4. WHEW! Good to know the Pacific didn't get ya. Bet you're sorry you are there and not back in PA amid lots of snow.

  5. Good to hear from you and to find out that your mom is doing well and things are moving along for her. Sounds like some fun visits in your future.

  6. Glad to hear that things are moving along well for your mom. It's wonderful that you're there to help her out with all the nitty gritty. How nice that you've got access to a fitness center!

  7. Nice being able to spend time with family. When we get rain or cool weather all we have to remember is it's not as bad as where we came from. Thanks for thinking of Wendy and her family.

  8. I bet you're relieved to have the house and the truck sales over with, so now you can concentrate on enjoying life a wee bit more. Good job on the tread mill, keep up the good work!