Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Henry W. Coe State Park

Coyote Valley RV Park
Morgan Hill, CA

Today we took a drive up the mountain to
It's only about a 13 mile drive from Coyote.
It was cold and foggy (well 50's!) here,
but as soon as we got above the fog, it was beautiful!

 Henry Coe was a cattleman back in the late 1880's.
He and several other men had homestead claims on 160 acres
and raised cattle.
Eventually, in 1953, the Coe's daughter Sada, gave her family's ranch
to the Pine Ridge association which eventually became the second largest
state park in California.
It now has over 87,000 acres of wide open spaces.

On the way up the steep windy road,
we passed by Anderson Lake, which is Santa Clara's largest reservoir.

Even after all the rain we got last weekend, you can see how low it is.

As we kept climbing higher, we saw some deer.
There was really no place to safely pull over to get a picture.

The views of the valley were spectacular from the road!
We finally got to the top, and paid our $7.00 day use fee.

There is a visitor's center, but unfortunately it was closed today.
There are several trails to hike, but we chose the Monument trail today.
It starts up the hill and ends up at a monument to Henry Coe.

We had some terrific views of the fog from the top..

We enjoyed some of the wildflowers that were popping up early..

Mostly we enjoyed the views!

George and I had packed a picnic lunch,
and we enjoyed that after our hike.

We hiked almost 3 miles, and we were pooped!
It was a great day :-)


  1. That is an awesome header picture. Makes me sorry we left the Bay Area.

  2. Boy, what nice views. When we are back in the area I am going to stop there.

  3. That's a beautiful area! I can hardly wait to get out west and see some of that beautiful country. Great hike!

  4. Really lovely hike and what looks like a beautiful day for it. Any time you can wear shorts in February is a winner. Nice that you can come back to see the visitor center and do more of the trails.

  5. Showing pictures of you both in t shirts and shorts is just wrong in so many ways for us freezing out here in the east! ;c)

  6. Those are some beautiful views. What a great day!

  7. You are looking so fit. Gives my inspiration.

  8. Nice photos! Looks like you two are having a great Winter. So with all this hiking, you are ready to be Pickers!

  9. Looked like a great day and great pics.