Sunday, December 14, 2014

There's that light at the end of the tunnel!

Heartland Campground
Campbellsville, KY

We are approaching our final days at Amazon!
Yesterday we got an email giving our official release date of
Saturday December 20th!
As excited as we were to get here and start working,
we are now VERY ready to get on with our travels.
When George and I started our adventures,
we vowed always to be in shorts and flip-flops.
That hasn't happened since we left South Carolina!

Working at Amazon has made us a bit foggy.
We hardly know what day it is let alone what month!
It does feel at times that you are in another reality,
with no windows, and the constant noise from the machinery.
If it wasn't for the Christmas decorations at each department, 
we wouldn't know what time of year it was!

For now we have made our plans to depart Campbellsville
on Sunday December 21st, arriving at Escapees Rainbow park on the 23rd.
We're really hoping to get our truck and Harvey inspected as soon 
as we pull into Livingston.
In a perfect world we'll have time to get all our paperwork filed
and get our driver's licenses and registration finished on the same day as well.
we know how things go..
so we're planning on staying through the 29th
in case we need to get things wrapped up before 
we get on the road towards California.

The nice part about having extra time in Texas, 
is we can spend Christmas day with George's brother and wife,
and his niece and her family as well.
We'll also have some down time relaxing after a busy few months!


  1. After as hard as you've worked, I think a relaxing time in Texas with family sounds like just the thing. I don't know how you amazon guys do it. I just don't think I could. It sounds like really really hard work. You have less than a week. Hope you don't have to work every single day of it.

  2. What? No side trip to Florida??? LOL!
    I'm sure you'll be glad not to see an Amazon packing box for awhile! Relaxing in TX for a few days sounds like just what the doctor ordered. Hope it's warm and the flipflops can reappear :)

  3. It's good that you can spend Christmas with family. Ted and I will be back in Sacramento on the 23rd and leaving on the 26th.
    I'm dealing with leaks and soggy carpets, It seems to never dry out here in the trees. Although the temps are still warm enough for sandals some of the time.

  4. You deserve a break after all that work. Sorry I kept you so busy but I've ordered way too much on Amazon this season...easy for me, hard work for you! :c)

  5. Safe travels to TX. We will be changing our residency to FL right after we leave. Windows at SDF8 are so nice! I will stop and 'bask in the sunshine' when picking on the 4th floor! Still wearing shorts, but need to find the flip flops!

  6. Yes another reality is a good way to put it!! It's like Amazon becomes the real life and not just the temporary job. We are so ready to be done and moving on. :)

  7. Light at the end of the tunnel! Enjoy the downtime and the warmth of Texas!

  8. Just think, this time next Monday you will have been through two days!

  9. You two have earned some fun and family time!!! Safe Travels and Merry Christmas!!

  10. We leave Houston morning of the 26th and head back to Louisiana. Maybe something then?

  11. safe travels South guys! We were so relieved to be done but we were also filled with such a sense of accomplishment! You guys have done great and now have 10 months to rest and get ready for Peak 2015! :-)

  12. You guys have worked hard. Now it's time to relax! We see some happy hours in your future. :-)

    Safe travels to Texas!