Sunday, December 7, 2014

Starting to look and feel like Christmas here in Kentucky

Heartland Campground
Campbellsville, KY

Things are still moving along here in Amazon-land.
We are still upstairs in giftwrap,
but since there are different volunteers that come to do that job, 
we're mostly doing support functions.

George for the most part does a job called 'water spider'.
If you picture what a water spider does,
you can visualize what George is doing.
He flits about, stocking supplies,
making gift boxes,
and generally helping in all places.

I bounce from the rebox station..
 (putting gifts from one small shipping box to another larger shipping box)..... 'scan and verify'.
This entails scanning the box,
then scanning each product in the box.
A gift tag for each item prints
as well as a packing slip.
All is put back in the box and sent down the conveyor
to the gift wrappers.
Mind numbing jobs :-)

In our short time off on Sunday,
we get the chores done.
Not much time to do everything that needs to be done!

We like to eat at the college twice a week,
and now enjoy their tree..

One thing we've gotten accomplished...

we are now Texans y'all!

South Dakota has not been nice to fulltimers who need health insurance 
on the exchange.
With some advice from Kyle Henson,
we chose to 'move' to Texas and enroll in a Blue Cross/Shield plan.
The premium is comparable to SD's Avera insurance plan,
but we'll get well visits at no charge anywhere in the nation.
That will be great!
We plan on swinging through Livingston, TX on our way west,
and get our driver's licenses, license plates, and inspections done.

We are anxiously counting down the few weeks remaining here.
Our route to California is planned, and barring any bad weather,
we'll travel on route 40 across the states,
getting us to our next job on January 5th.
No rest for the weary!!


  1. With all that "extra" time in between jobs, maybe you could stop in for a "quick" visit down here in Florida "on your way" to California! :-)))

  2. Be sure George gets an official Texas Cowboy Hat also;o))

  3. I had heard that South Dakota has messed around with the fulltimers and I immediately thought of you both. Glad to hear you found what you needed in Texas. It might be a little easier if you need to go back there in the winter! I was born in SD but moved when I was a baby, so I don't. We'd like to go there one day, but not to "live". Hang in there at Amazon. It's almost Christmas. Have you checked on working at one of the new fulfillment centers they have opened here in Florida?

  4. Glad to hear you are hanging on. I'll be you have a wall calendar and you are Xing off the days. What's the count down now? Do you get to hit the road on the 21st? That's only two weeks. Congratulations on your new move - your domicile that is. I never did trust South Dakota. LOL

  5. This too shall pass and you'll be rolling in no time. We're "moving" to Florida next Feb, not because of insurance but much cheaper registration rate for our motorhome, we'll save hundred$$$. :c)

  6. What Mike and Terri said!! :)

    Love that tree! I would just pretend it was mine :)

  7. For once glad we are older and have Medicare and supplement. We tried TX when first fulltimers and were shocked by the cost of vehicle insurances. SD really messed up on this. Losing lots a residents. I read where Escapees will have a mail service in SD next year. Glad to got a good health plan.

  8. Congrats on your move, we couldn't find any cheaper ins. in Florida so we just decided to remain in SD for the time being.

  9. We too are looking forward to the end. Hope you have a Merry Christmas and safe travels. We will be staying in Livingston before and after our cruise but I bet you will already be on your way to California.

  10. I'm glad you chose Texas. :) Have a Merry Christmas. :)