Saturday, December 20, 2014


Heartland Campground
Campbellsville, KY

The day finally arrived.
Our last day was today, we were 'released' at 11:45, right after our lunch break.
We had a very busy week up in gift wrap,
getting all the packages out on time.
We enjoyed reading some of the gift tags
proclaiming Merry Christmas from grandmas, grandpas, aunts & uncles.

In our final meeting today,
the HR managers gave us gift cards.
We both earned $50 each for the last two weeks for perfect attendance.
$100 each to spend on anything we want ;-)
They also distributed our 'Peak' t-shirts,
an Amazon tradition.

I have to say that although the work was hard,
and it will be awhile before our sleep patterns
get back to normal...
it was a good experience.
I've lost 25 pounds since I got to KY in October,
and our bank account after our final check is deposited
is about $9000 fatter!
We met some nice people, 
and renewed some friendships as well.
Will we come back next year? Probably :-)

For now we're pretty much packed up and ready to roll in the morning.
Our first stop will be an overnight at a Walmart in Jackson, TN..a 286 mile day.

More soon!


  1. So glad Amazon was a good experience for you two. Now rest up and travel safe!!!

  2. Congrats on finishing your tour of duty! Now enjoy your time off, you certainly earned it! :c)

  3. Even for $9000, I don't think I could do it. Good job!

  4. Lots of bonuses for your time at Amazon! Congratulations!

  5. Congrats guys. I certainly remember that feeling when Rudee and I walked out of SDF1 that last day, tired but relieved and proud of ourselves for sticking it out. Be proud and boastful. You earned it!
    Safe travels,
    Phil and Rudee

  6. Laurie, I told Jim that you had lost weight after seeing the picture even before I read the blog!!! You look fantastic!!! When I read the blog and you said 25 pounds, wow!!!! I told Jim that I wanted to work there next year!!! Tell George we said hello and Merry Christmas to both of you!!

  7. Way to go to both of you! Glad it went well for you! Safe travels ?

  8. You look awesome!! Now the fun begins, keeping it off!! :)

    We know how you feel, SO glad to be done! I can't wait to get back to our running and WARM WEATHER.

  9. Congrats... Safe Travels... Merry Christmas and Happy New Years!!!

  10. Safe travels as we all head out of town doing the happy dance!

  11. CONGRATULATIONS!! You did it!! AND lost weight, padded your bank account, met good people. Maybe this is like childbirth. You'll forget the bad parts by next time. LOL Safe travels!

  12. Merry Christmas to both of you and Congrats on finishing strong!

  13. I was wondering if you planned on returning. Now I know

  14. I couldn't do it either, but that 25 pound weight loss really is motivating to many to think about working for Amazon, I'm sure! No time to eat, lol! Way to do the job, guys! And Laurie, you look terrific!

  15. Congratulations on another successful season, what a great bonus...losing 25 pounds, may have to try that diet someday. Safe travels, Merry Christmas

  16. The 25 pounds is as good as the $9000!

  17. Wow! I'm a little late responding, but congratulations on both counts. It's always nice to pad the bank account :) You look great Laurie!

    Hope you are now well on your way out of town! Safe travels!

  18. Nice diet plan and paid for it to. You have earned a nice break. Happy Holidays.