Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Finally it's official, and we're on the road again..

American RV Park
Anthony, TX

Wow, we've been busy since Christmas when I last posted.

Christmas Eve we went out for our traditional Chinese buffet,
followed by a candlelight service at a local Lutheran church.

Christmas day we drove down to Cypress (near Houston),
and visited with George's brother Bill, and his wife Connie.

Bill then drove us over to his daughter Angie and husband Wes's house.
We had a terrific dinner and watched some festivities..

Someone was quite happy with their presents :-)

Meantime, we spent the rest of the weekend preparing
to finish up our chores.
George put the plates on the truck and Harvey..

We cleaned the inside thoroughly as well.

Monday morning we got up early and went to the TX-DPS,
or DMV as I call them all.
It is a very small location in Livingston, manned by one person.
We filled out our forms, and he went through everything.
Unfortunately we found out that we needed two pieces of mail
that showed our new address,
something Escapees didn't make clear.
We were able to use the voter's registration card,
but we had to get our insurance agent to get our policy
ready and e-mailed to us.
That was another thing that Escapees didn't make clear,
they say that should be done last...geez.
Miller's Insurance was terrific, got this all finished for us
while the DPS office was closed for lunch.
By about 2 pm we were officially 'official Texans'!

Although we planned to stay until Tuesday morning in Livingston,
we wanted to get a jump on our travel, 
so we hooked up and drove all the way to Kerrville.
We slept in a Walmart there, it was cold!
Today we left the parking lot at 5 am,
and made it to just beyond El Paso.
We drove through Texas in freezing drizzle,
but the roads stayed pretty dry, so we were happy.
Tonight we're staying at an RV park behind a Camping World.
$27 with Good Sam's makes for a much nicer sleep when it's this cold!

Tomorrow we're pushing on,
getting to around Chandler, AZ and possible staying
at a Casino parking lot.
We know some fellow workampers who live near there,
so we're hoping to meet up with them for an early dinner
before the New Year's partiers start up!


  1. Glad that you had an uneventful trip today!! Hope that the rest of your trip goes quickly. :)

  2. Nice to see you rolling again! Now you can use those hours on the road to perfect your Texas accent... :cD

  3. Glad you are on the road and safe travels to AZ!

  4. We will be in Pilot Knob the month of January. Happy and safe travels to you.

  5. Well congratulations. Where is the picture of you both in 10 gallon hats??? Get working on that drawl now ya'll.

  6. Congratulations Texans!!! Looks like George has some cleaning to do once you "land" for a few days.
    Travel SAFE!!!

  7. So now you are REAL Texans. At a casino on New Years Eve? Hey, guess you are were the action is.

  8. Congratulations on becoming "real" Texans :)
    Drive safely today and watch out for the NY Eve crazies!

  9. It is not everyone who can claim to be a Texan! Congrats.

  10. Congratulations on becoming Texans! Thank you, for blogging about your domicile state experience. When I get to the DMV in Livingston in 2015 ,I'll have two piece of paper with my new address on it. Thanks You! :) Have a great 2015!

  11. Congratulations on becoming Texans and making it through western TX before the really bad weather hit. We stayed in that same rv park in El Paso, great for an overnight stop.