Sunday, November 16, 2014

We made it through a 60 hour week - and our future plans

Heartland Campground
Campbellsville, KY

We think winter is here in Kentucky!
We have woken up to 20 degree temps,
and have been running our space heaters
and propane furnace quite a bit.
I wore jeans to work for the first time since we've been here!

After two weeks of  'hardening' (5 hours days),
I jumped in with both feet to a 60 hour week.
We were required to work 50 hours anyway, 
so what's one more day? :-)
I have to admit I was pretty tired about halfway through the week,
but last night I felt pretty good, and was proud that I was able to do it.
My feet are pretty sore, but I think I'll make it :-)

We've been seeing quite a lot of Christmas toys & gifts come
into the plant through the receiving line.
In addition to that, there are the normal things
that Amazon sells on its website,
including vitamins, rifle accessories,
cameras and lenses,
and lots of apparel.
This facility usually doesn't process apparel, 
but the Louisville facility is overwhelmed with it, 
so sent some down for us to help.
Matter of fact,
our facility has asked for volunteers to work at their facility.
They've offered a nice bonus to entice people to do it.
We thought about it, but to pick up stakes and move
to Indiana to campgrounds with no water,
a longer commute to work,
and a picking job,
just wasn't worth it to us to move.
We'll miss a lot of the workampers who've decided to go,
but we'll keep in touch on Facebook to see how it's going.

As I've mentioned here before,
after Amazon we are headed back to CA to work
at Coyote Valley RV resort.
We had been looking for our next job after leaving CA,
and had thought of somewhere in Texas possibly.
Last week I got a call from a gentleman at a campground in Montana
who is looking for a couple to help out there for the summer.
We talked to him about the job,
and researched the campground and area a bit.
The next day we called and accepted the job!
We're excited to work in a new state for us at..
Conestoga Camground in White Sulphur Springs.

The campground is approximately halfway between Yellowstone
and Glacier National Parks.
Our job will be 2 days per week,
George taking care of outside work,
and I'll help with office and their small store.
Since we'll have 5 days off per week
we can get a lot of exploring in!


  1. Glad to hear you made it through the 60 hour week. I'm not sure I would have survived.

    Your summer job in Montana sounds nice and lots of free time.

    Do you know that Amazon opened 2 ( think) facilities here in Florida? It might be a lot better here during the winter months.

  2. You'll need that five days off in your summer job to recover from Amazon. Of course, what would Santa do without helpful elves like you two? :cD

  3. You guys are so inspiring! The gig in Montana looks awesome!

  4. Montana will be a great place to work and sightsee. Congrats on getting something different then the California area.

  5. My feet hurt just reading about your Amazon experience! WOW! Montana sounds like a great place to go... and you'll have a lot of free time to explore.

  6. Congratulations on a 60 hour week. That's incredible I think. The Montana job sounds fabulous. 5 days off is really terrific. No wonder you took it. Looks like you are about 185 miles from each National Park. 5 days will give you a lot of time to spend in each one.

  7. Way to go... 60 hours on concrete can takes its toll. Love the new job in Montana!!

  8. Thinking I would like the cushy Montana job, the Amazon one - not so much. Congrats and the new job and toughing it through the current one.

  9. Wow! I feel for you at Amazon but I'm sure excited for you in Montana! Sounds like an awesome position :)

  10. Sounds like a great opportunity and what awonderful area to be in for the summer. We are going to Jeffersonville. The bonus is enough to pay for our cruise once we are done. Not looking forward to more cold though. Good thing it is only a month.

  11. We may be stopping in to see you! I have booked the month of July just outside Yellowstone and we plan on going up to Glacier in August.

  12. I know that I couldn't do the 60 hrs. Montana sounds great.

  13. Glad to hear everything is working out for you guys!

  14. MT sounds great-that's where Dave wants to work our first summer out of VT, can't wait to hear about your experience