Saturday, November 8, 2014

Now comes the hard part!

Heartland Campground
Campbellsville, KY

Today ended my second week of 'hardening'.
Amazon gives us a bit of a break by scheduling
two weeks of 5 hour days, 20 total per week.
This way our bodies can get used to standing all day,
on cement floors, doing more physical activity than we're used to :-)
George and I have decided to jump in with both feet
starting on Monday with a 60 hour week!
During this busy season, Amazon has mandatory 50 hour weeks,
and voluntary 60 hour weeks.
Since we're here to build up our savings account,
we won't turn down any opportunity!

We have explored the area a bit on our days off.
There is a nice little drive to the lake,
and we saw some nice fall colors..

We've done a little socializing as well.
Tuesday we met Kathy & Martin at Fiesta Mexico.
I had the chimichanga,
and George had a super burrito.
They were delicious!

I tried to get both their pictures, but since they had just gotten off work,
Kathy opted out of this one :-)

Last night we met up with Harry & Jessica,
and 3 other 'Amazonians' for dinner at a good pizza place.

Thanks to Jess for taking this picture :-)

The weather is turning colder as of the next week.
We still walk across the street from the campground
to the Amazon building,
but we both have hoodies on, which we shed when we get inside!
The part of the building that we work in gets very warm.
George and I both wear shorts to work :-)

I'm not into counting down our time here, 
but in case you're wondering,
there's only 6 weeks to go :-)


  1. 60 hours weeks. oh, to be young again.

  2. Well I can at least say it's a great commute. Going from 20 to 60 in a flash is a lot. Hope it turns out OK for you both. Glad you have had that week to have a good time with friends. You may be too tired after work for a while. Do you have one of those wonderful foot spas? Maybe Amazon could provide one of those for after work relaxing.

  3. Yes, SIX weeks left!! Woot woot! We'll be right there with you doing those 60s. :) At least on the bright side, it sure makes the time go by fast.

  4. I think I can, I think I can, I think I can, I think I can. Lots of wishes that you are able to deal with 60's. I admire your stamina. I know I never could :)

  5. WOW, 20 hours to 60 hours!!! That's basically 3 days in 1 day!!! Good luck and take care:o))

  6. You can do this! You guys are inspiring!

  7. We were surprised today to find out we are now on mandatory OT next week! Hoping this trend continues for outbound$$$$$$. Last year when we started OT was when the pounds melted if you need dinner companions, let us know!

  8. You go girl! You can do it. I can hear the bank account growing already.

    You should be used to 60 hour weeks in no time after all your time here at the COE... :cD

  9. Load the theme to "Rocky" (the movie) and play when things get tough on the floor!

  10. Hopefully your first two weeks of "hardening" has prepared you for the "hard part." You and George can do it... we know you can! Six weeks... 60 hours per week... only 360 more hours to go! ;-)