Sunday, November 30, 2014

Got to roll with the punches..

Heartland Campground
Campbellsville, KY

By reading all of your posts, we saw that everyone had
different Thanksgiving meals.
Some with family, some in warm climates, some in cold.

We did have to work on Thanksgiving day,
but Amazon allowed the day shift to leave at 1:30.
It worked out nice, as we were able to come home,
shower and relax a bit before going out to dinner.
We met up with two other RV-dreamers,
David & Fran, and Pat & Diana,
who we met at the last rally in North Carolina.
The food at Creekside Restaurant was very good,
with all the traditional Thanksgiving fare.

Things are getting pretty busy at Amazon now.
Of course black Friday was crazy,
with a lot of shipments going out the door.
'Cyber Monday' looks to be just as crazy.

We've certainly learned to be flexible working here.
When we started, we have been in the receiving department.
A couple of days ago,
they took a bunch of us upstairs to the 'Single Toys' department.
These are totes full of single items (not necessarily toys)
that need to be scanned, then put in the appropriate size box.
From there a barcode (SPOO) is put on the box, taped up,
then sent down the conveyor where the SPOO is read.
That barcode has all the customer's information on it,
so that a machine puts the shipping label on the box.
Most people that work here never see the customer's information.

Yesterday, much to our surprise, they called our name over the loud speaker.
We came up to the desk, and they said they were taking us over to gift wrap!
I thought that we were doing good in single toys.
I even earned a Kroger gift card for being the fastest workamper one day :-)
Gift wrap is well, not much fun :-)
You'd think it would be nice to wrap gifts for people...NOT!
I won't go in to the whole process,
but suffice to say it's hot upstairs,
and there are no fans there.
Supposedly we'll be there the final 3 weeks.
I feel like we've been banished to Siberia, or maybe the desert :-)

So that's been our week.
Today is our only day off, so we're getting laundry and grocery shopping done.
I'd better get to it!


  1. Maybe you wrapped the gift we sent to our son-in-law. Never used gift wrap before, but it is the easiest way to send gifts from here. Just remember, nothing lasts forever.

  2. Here gift wrap and packing are on the same floor - they are separate but people seem to float back and forth from one side to the other. We will probably spend several more days in each one before we leave. Sounds like one way or another you guys have seen the last of receiving for this season. Have you switched to the outbound schedule?

    1. We're on the outbound schedule for now. Good and bad. Get up a bit later, getting home at 5. Means we leave later in December too :(

    2. I thought the same thing last year but each shift was released on the same day. For example A shift (inbound and outbound) was released on the 21st.

  3. Only three more weeks!!! I guess it's time to start "wrapping things up" and getting out of there! It will be over before you know it.

  4. Hang in there! Take it one day at a time. You guys are doing great!

  5. Great attitude! The end is near, the end is near... My rendition of I think I can, I think I can :) You guys have more stamina than I do! You're doing great!

  6. Sorry to hear of your banishment, hopefully they will switch you again before your three weeks are up.

  7. I was a gift wrapper for a high end department store when I was a teenager and loved it but doubt I'd like it if the goal is to see how fast you can wrap them. Start the count down, hope it doesn't feel like forever. I take it you are both banished to gift wrap?

    1. Yes, both of us travel as a team ;) George is left handed, so everything is a little challenging when the stations are set up for right-handers! Even the scissors :)

  8. Yes I feel as if I've been banished as well. Was sent to Crisplant last night and ended up stocking boxes on the box trolley. I'm hoping to be kept in Toys where at least I was looking forward to going in. It will be a long three weeks in Crisplant hell.

  9. John did some of that gift wrapping when we were at Coffeyville, he didn't mind it too much but you are right about the upper floors being hot. Picking on the top of the mods there was brutal. Definitely not as hot in the Jeffersonville building but just as crazy.

  10. I remember those days when I got moved around a bit in a job. I thought it was because I wasn't good at what I was doing. I learned later, it was because I could do things faster and better so they moved me where speed was of importance. lol

    I can't believe it's only three more weeks. That's great!!

  11. They'd move me back downstairs as soon as they saw my first wrapping job. I'm not as talented as you guys... ;c)

  12. I detest wrapping gifts. Ah the joy of gift bags! Thinking that's not an option there. Also being left handed I can sympathize with George.

  13. Just put extra tape on the packages, and wrinkle the paper. They will send you back to single toys or receiving!