Sunday, November 30, 2014

Got to roll with the punches..

Heartland Campground
Campbellsville, KY

By reading all of your posts, we saw that everyone had
different Thanksgiving meals.
Some with family, some in warm climates, some in cold.

We did have to work on Thanksgiving day,
but Amazon allowed the day shift to leave at 1:30.
It worked out nice, as we were able to come home,
shower and relax a bit before going out to dinner.
We met up with two other RV-dreamers,
David & Fran, and Pat & Diana,
who we met at the last rally in North Carolina.
The food at Creekside Restaurant was very good,
with all the traditional Thanksgiving fare.

Things are getting pretty busy at Amazon now.
Of course black Friday was crazy,
with a lot of shipments going out the door.
'Cyber Monday' looks to be just as crazy.

We've certainly learned to be flexible working here.
When we started, we have been in the receiving department.
A couple of days ago,
they took a bunch of us upstairs to the 'Single Toys' department.
These are totes full of single items (not necessarily toys)
that need to be scanned, then put in the appropriate size box.
From there a barcode (SPOO) is put on the box, taped up,
then sent down the conveyor where the SPOO is read.
That barcode has all the customer's information on it,
so that a machine puts the shipping label on the box.
Most people that work here never see the customer's information.

Yesterday, much to our surprise, they called our name over the loud speaker.
We came up to the desk, and they said they were taking us over to gift wrap!
I thought that we were doing good in single toys.
I even earned a Kroger gift card for being the fastest workamper one day :-)
Gift wrap is well, not much fun :-)
You'd think it would be nice to wrap gifts for people...NOT!
I won't go in to the whole process,
but suffice to say it's hot upstairs,
and there are no fans there.
Supposedly we'll be there the final 3 weeks.
I feel like we've been banished to Siberia, or maybe the desert :-)

So that's been our week.
Today is our only day off, so we're getting laundry and grocery shopping done.
I'd better get to it!

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Empty campground!

Heartland Campground
Campbellsville, KY

Another week down, 4 weeks to go :-)

A lot of our fellow workampers left yesterday,
and some today, for parts north.
Amazon's FC in Jeffersonville, IN are in dire need
of extra help to move some apparel out the doors.
As I posted last, Amazon offered a sweet extra bonus
to entice people to move.
We didn't feel it was worth all the hassle, so we stayed here.
We will miss the people that we know, and have gotten to know!

Thursday Amazon provided all shifts a nice turkey dinner..

It was pretty good! Our break for lunch happens to be at 10:30 am, 
so this was our turkey dinner at our lunch break at the breakfast hour ;-)

A lot of us got together for a meal on Wednesday night before some departed.

Guy on right is Jeff, our manager..

Also, on Monday we had a bit of the white stuff..

Mr. Gnome is tired of being cooped up!

We have two days off, so today it's cleaning day.
A bit of rain is in the forecast,
a perfect day to clean, then relax!

Sunday, November 16, 2014

We made it through a 60 hour week - and our future plans

Heartland Campground
Campbellsville, KY

We think winter is here in Kentucky!
We have woken up to 20 degree temps,
and have been running our space heaters
and propane furnace quite a bit.
I wore jeans to work for the first time since we've been here!

After two weeks of  'hardening' (5 hours days),
I jumped in with both feet to a 60 hour week.
We were required to work 50 hours anyway, 
so what's one more day? :-)
I have to admit I was pretty tired about halfway through the week,
but last night I felt pretty good, and was proud that I was able to do it.
My feet are pretty sore, but I think I'll make it :-)

We've been seeing quite a lot of Christmas toys & gifts come
into the plant through the receiving line.
In addition to that, there are the normal things
that Amazon sells on its website,
including vitamins, rifle accessories,
cameras and lenses,
and lots of apparel.
This facility usually doesn't process apparel, 
but the Louisville facility is overwhelmed with it, 
so sent some down for us to help.
Matter of fact,
our facility has asked for volunteers to work at their facility.
They've offered a nice bonus to entice people to do it.
We thought about it, but to pick up stakes and move
to Indiana to campgrounds with no water,
a longer commute to work,
and a picking job,
just wasn't worth it to us to move.
We'll miss a lot of the workampers who've decided to go,
but we'll keep in touch on Facebook to see how it's going.

As I've mentioned here before,
after Amazon we are headed back to CA to work
at Coyote Valley RV resort.
We had been looking for our next job after leaving CA,
and had thought of somewhere in Texas possibly.
Last week I got a call from a gentleman at a campground in Montana
who is looking for a couple to help out there for the summer.
We talked to him about the job,
and researched the campground and area a bit.
The next day we called and accepted the job!
We're excited to work in a new state for us at..
Conestoga Camground in White Sulphur Springs.

The campground is approximately halfway between Yellowstone
and Glacier National Parks.
Our job will be 2 days per week,
George taking care of outside work,
and I'll help with office and their small store.
Since we'll have 5 days off per week
we can get a lot of exploring in!

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Now comes the hard part!

Heartland Campground
Campbellsville, KY

Today ended my second week of 'hardening'.
Amazon gives us a bit of a break by scheduling
two weeks of 5 hour days, 20 total per week.
This way our bodies can get used to standing all day,
on cement floors, doing more physical activity than we're used to :-)
George and I have decided to jump in with both feet
starting on Monday with a 60 hour week!
During this busy season, Amazon has mandatory 50 hour weeks,
and voluntary 60 hour weeks.
Since we're here to build up our savings account,
we won't turn down any opportunity!

We have explored the area a bit on our days off.
There is a nice little drive to the lake,
and we saw some nice fall colors..

We've done a little socializing as well.
Tuesday we met Kathy & Martin at Fiesta Mexico.
I had the chimichanga,
and George had a super burrito.
They were delicious!

I tried to get both their pictures, but since they had just gotten off work,
Kathy opted out of this one :-)

Last night we met up with Harry & Jessica,
and 3 other 'Amazonians' for dinner at a good pizza place.

Thanks to Jess for taking this picture :-)

The weather is turning colder as of the next week.
We still walk across the street from the campground
to the Amazon building,
but we both have hoodies on, which we shed when we get inside!
The part of the building that we work in gets very warm.
George and I both wear shorts to work :-)

I'm not into counting down our time here, 
but in case you're wondering,
there's only 6 weeks to go :-)

Saturday, November 1, 2014

My first week down!

Heartland Campground
Campbellsville, KY

Well, I can tell it's getting closer to winter!
Woke up this morning to sub-freezing temps :-(
There was supposed to be snow as well, 
but thankfully it never materialized.
I'm sure there are flurries out there,
but I'm not opening the door to find out!

Looks like jeans and a sweatshirt will be the order of the day.

My first week at Amazon is in the books.
I had the first day of training/paperwork, etc,
then 3 days of 5 hours each in receiving.
I worked what's called 'LP'.
My job entails using a hand-held scanner.
To my left is a roller conveyor belt,
and I pull one box at a time off that.
At that point I scan the box, then unload each item
onto a cart depending on its size.
Once the box is empty,
I scan the cart, and then the process starts again.
Once the cart is full,
I take it to an area, and get an empty one.
It's not hard work, I'm standing in one place on a cushion mat,
then walking back and forth with the carts.
I've already lost several pounds!
So far my back and feet are a bit sore, but other than that, all's good!
When I get home I put my feet up and rest on a heating pad for a bit.

Next week I have my regular Wed-Sat schedule, 
with 5 hour days again.
The week of the 16th begins our 5 day overtime stint beginning Tuesday.

With this cold snap we're hoping to see a bit more color on the hills.
Maybe tomorrow a ride is in order!
I got this the other day from the truck window..

Happy fall everyone!