Saturday, October 11, 2014

Things are falling into place

Monterey County, CA

The move is in motion!
Wednesday and Thursday the movers are coming
to pack my Mom's belongings and move her to Villa Serra.
This will work great because we're having a whole house
moving sale on Friday and Saturday.
People can come in, and everything they see will be for sale!
Goodwill will come on Sunday and pick up anything that is left.

We sold a lot of my Dad's tools also.
Some to the new buyer, and a lot to a friend from church.
He took some of my grandfather's tools, which I appreciated.
We just don't have the room for them, and I know they're in a good home.

One thing we're still having trouble getting sold is this:

It takes a special house to fit this in.
It's been in our family since my Dad was in high school.
He was training to be a concert pianist,
and I learned how to play on it as well.
Hope someone will buy!

I'm getting ready for Amazon again.
I had to take another drug test,
as the one I took before expired.
George has gotten to fill the role of 'PG',
which means he gets to walk up and down
the receiving line to help people sort out issues.
Pretty cool!

We're making plans to celebrate our 3rd anniversary when I get to Kentucky.
His job is to find us a nice place to dine :-)
The money streaming into our bank account from Amazon
 is starting to help make a difference.
Can't wait until I'm there adding to it, and then there's OT, yay!


  1. That is so perfect that they are moving her the day before the sale. I am shocked that someone doesn't want that beautiful piano. Could you put it on consignment in a piano store? Wish you weren't all the way across the country, Carrie might want it. Your father must have been a great pianist. How nice for you as a child.

  2. Hope you find a good home for that beautiful piano! It would be hard to part with something as special as that!

  3. I had apiano as well, not that nice but it was horrible to get rid of. I ended up donating it to a church group. Hmm, fine dining in Campbellsville...not words I usually put together in one sentence :-). I've heard Brothers is very good, haven't tried it yet but will this year..I'm working Tues-Fri night shift. Hope to see you there.

  4. Nothing is better than a plan that actually goes as imagined!

  5. I was able to pass my childhood piano on to my son for our granddaughters to take lessons on, glad it's stayed in the family.

    Maybe a church would like to have it as a donation with a receipt for tax deduction?

  6. So glad things are falling into place for you and you'll soon be back home with George.

  7. Glad things are working out for mom. Always tough to get actual value of tools and such. Maybe George will just cook you a nice candlelit dinner at home.)

  8. I had a few things I hated to say good by to. If I had that piano I'm sure it would be one of them. Good luck on finding it a new home. I is just to big for your Fiver!