Monday, October 6, 2014

Quick sale

Monterey County, CA

I have never seen a house sell so quickly.
The contractor who remodeled my parent's kitchen and bathroom
told her if she was thinking of selling to get ahold of him first.
Turns out his son and DIL were looking for a house.
Since the contractor knows this house so well,
he recommended it to his son.
A couple of weekends they came by and looked at it,
then the next weekend they came by for a second look.
Saturday morning they came and made an offer,
we haggled a bit,
and accepted!
The nice thing is that they're pre-qualified,
it should be a short escrow,
and all done without paying a realtor high commission.
We are getting a realtor involved to do the paperwork,
and are going to split her fee between us.

Now the push is on!
Mom is going down to her new digs to pay her first month rent.
She's ordering new furniture too.
She's more comfortable getting professional movers
to pack her up and move her,
so that's next on the agenda.
My cousin is coming up in 2 weeks to help me do a moving sale,
and the rest will get donated to Goodwill or to the local
veteran's rehab center.

I had some fun on Saturday evening with my son Adam's girlfriend Candee.
As I said in the last blog she works for Richard McDonald, the sculptor.
He had his fall show in Carmel over the weekend.
We drove over to Carmel early, and had dinner at  Porta Bella restaurant.
It's a great little place on Ocean Avenue, and since it was so warm, we sat outside.

We had a great meal and good drinks.
One of the traditions at Carmel beach is to watch the sunset,
and afterwards everyone applauds its beauty.
That night's didn't disappoint!

We walked back up the hill to the gallery for the show.
There were a lot of people oohing and aahing over his sculptures.

Some people were making purchases..

Richard was more than happy to sign his work :-)

Sorry the pictures are a bit blurry, 
it was dimly lit and I used my phone.

There was a gentleman playing soft guitar music..

George was happy to know I didn't bid on anything.
The prices weren't marked (don't ask!)
and I'm not into sculpture anyway.
Not sure our budget could take the 5 figure prices anyway!

The weather here in Prunedale has been HOT. No one has AC because 
the hot weather comes for a couple weeks, then it's back to the 70's.
George is getting cold weather in Kentucky and has been using the heat.

2 more weeks, babe, I'll be back!!


  1. That is a wonderful success story! Guess it delays your departure a bit though, but you certainly know how to get things done! :)

    As for the sculptures, just say you can't afford the extra weight :)

  2. That's fantastic about the house. Fulltimers to be are really envying your mom. I'm just amazed at how you two have worked everything out in what seems like such a short period of time. I know she was so glad to have you there. I think every sunset should get an applause. So should every sunrise!

  3. Good news. Quick sell, what a relief this must be.

  4. Great news on the house. Nice that it's all a done deal. :c)

    Don't lie, we know you can afford a couple of those sculptures but didn't buy because you have no place to put them in your RV! :cP

  5. Very happy to hear that the house sale is moving along so quickly. I know you and your mom and GEORGE will be glad to have this transition completed!!

  6. Great news on the house!!! What a relief that must be for all of you. Enjoy the heat, soon you'll be in Kentucky with George and missing that warmth!

  7. Great news about the sell of the house. Your Mom has had so much to deal with, glad the sell of the house did not add more stress.

  8. So glad to hear all is going well with the sale. That process is an exhausting one. We get into Campbellsville October 19th, sounds like it could be around the same time you arrive. Look forward to seeing you and George.