Monday, October 27, 2014

Getting ready for day one

Heartland Campground
Campbellsville, KY

Since I arrived in KY last Monday,
I've been busy getting prepared for my first day at Amazon.
George and I went grocery shopping on Tuesday.
He went back to work on Wednesday through Saturday,
so while he was gone, I made lasagna, soup,
and spaghetti sauce for the freezer.
It was nice to be able to ease back in to eastern time,
and have some quiet time those 4 days.

I've been slowly getting up at 7 am, my normal time.
The sun doesn't rise until 7, but getting some nice sunrises..

Yeah, it's through the window :-)

Saturday night we were invited to join some other "Amazonians"
at the state park for a campfire and potluck.

We were happy to reunite with Al & Karen,
Janie & John, Dan & Jonell, Pat & Diana Brown, and David & Fran Smith.

We met some new people as well,
and since they are working the night shift,
not sure we'll see them too much.

We ended the night with a nice campfire..

Yesterday afternoon we celebrated our anniversary
by going out for a great meal at Garcia's mexican restaurant.
It's pretty popular with the locals,
and we weren't disappointed.

Today I'm going for annual bloodwork,
so no coffee or breakfast :-(
Hoping for good results!

Tomorrow starts my first day of safety orientation at Amazon.
I work from 8-4,
then Wednesday-Friday from 6-11:00 am to get used to the work.
Looking forward to getting some money flowing in!


  1. Good luck on the bloodwork and your first day at work! Hope both go better than expected :)

  2. Happy Anniversary! Really glad Amazon let you have those days to acclimate rather than having to go to work instantly. Nice to have an immediate social group to have fun with. Good luck on that money flow. Hope you two don't wear yourselves out doing it but looks like you only have 7 or 8 weeks so that's not too bad.

  3. Hope all goes well:o)) I know you are glad to be "HOME" and George is REALLY glad you're back. Happy Anniversary!!!

  4. Have fun!!! Good luck with your safety orientation, and your first days of learning the job... and also with your blood work.

  5. Glad you're looking forward to working. Maybe we should try Amazon, it would be fewer hours than we've been putting in at the COE and we'd get paid for it.

    Yep, we have a problem saying "No". :c)

  6. Thanks for inviting us to the potluck,it was such fun! Good luck tomorrow.

  7. Welcome back home! Good luck on the job. Judy and I are in Monterey and we hope to get some good beach sunset shots.