Thursday, September 18, 2014

Maker's Mark

Heartland Campground
Campbellsville, KY

Monterey County, CA

It's very odd posting a blog about things that I'm not experiencing :-)
George is into his second week of Amazon and so far so good.
They've decided to give the newcomers two weeks of 5 hour days,
instead of starting the second week at 10 hour days.
Something about a few complainers needing more hardening time :-)

Saturday he went with Harry & Jessica to the Maker's Mark distillery in nearby Loretto, KY.

George really enjoyed the tour even though he's not much of a whiskey fan.

They even got to stick their fingers in the mash
to take a taste!
Apparently it's sanitary as the alcohol will kill any bacteria...hmmm..
no double dipping!

They went out for a nice buffet lunch afterwards!

Meanwhile, in CA..

We keep plugging along!
 The appraisal has been done on the house,
and we're awaiting the numbers.
My mom's contractor's son is coming to look at the house on Sunday,
he's interested!

I've been trying to sell my Dad's pickup truck,
mostly word of mouth, and a sign in the window.
May have to put it online soon.

We went to my favorite hangout, Phil's, on Tuesday
with some friends from church,
love that place!
Tonight we've been invited to dinner at another couples house.

We got some quotes on Texas insurance (auto) and it's looking good.
Kyle Henson of RVer Health Insurance advised us that Florida would not be a good fit for us
for health insurance on the ACA exchange :(
For now Texas makes the most sense to us as George's brother lives there,
and it is more centrally located between families on both coasts.


  1. I think you should have a guest poster one of these days...George :) Looks like he's surviving pretty good :)

    I'm sure you already know this, but we have had excellent luck selling vehicles and most everything else on long as you're careful.

    Good luck on Sunday! It might be the day of the sale :)

  2. We agree with Gail on that guest poster suggestion... c'mon George, you can do it.

    Good luck with the house sale... and the truck too. Maybe George should put the truck on Ebay Motors.

  3. I hope all the details fall into place so you can get back to George soon. Even though it sounds like he's doing well, remember he is without adult supervision... ;c)

    Bummer on the health insurance front. TX may yet be your new "home".

  4. I second the craigs list. You can sell anything pretty quickly there. Just be careful. Sorry to hear Florida isn't a good fit insurance wise. We love it. Good luck with the house sale. Hope it goes quickly and your mom gets settled in her new place.

  5. I enjoyed following your South Dakota domicile state posts. I hope you post any Texas Domicile state adventures because we are also looking into Texas as a domicile state.
    1. The weather looks nicer in Texas.
    2. Kevin's brother lives near Dallas.
    3. We might gate guard in Texas.
    4. With escapees - Kevin and I might have back up if needed to prove domicile state residency.
    That's why I'm thinking about Texas instead of South Dakota. :) I love reading about your travel experiences. :)

  6. SD is really messing up by not making co)cessions on medical insurance. Bet those mail forwarding services are feeling the pinch. Glad we are both over 65. (Can't believe I said that)

  7. So far I like Texas as my domicile state. I did everything my mail. I also have my address through Escapees. One of my daughters lives in Ft Worth.

  8. We are lucky that our insurance is thru John's work after retirement so SD still works for us. Just catching up on my blogs. So sorry to hear about your dad. John and I have been thru all that multiple times as all our parents have passed on on now. It is always a difficult process. Hoping to see you soon we arrive in Campbellsville October 19th. We are suppose to be at Heartland too but haven't heard back from her when I updated our arrival time. I plan on calling her this week..