Saturday, September 6, 2014

George made it to Campbellsville!

Monterey County, CA

George made it to his next workamping gig at Amazon.
He started out on Friday from Modoc, SC.
This was his first time driving solo,
and without my helpful navigation skills :-)
With a little help from another workamping couple Jim & Linda,
they gave him great directions to maneuver around Atlanta.
He got through with no issues at all,
and stayed overnight in Adairsville, GA
He said it was adequate for overnight,
and it came recommended by Mike and Terri :-)

This morning he left Adairsville around 7 am.
Between the two of us, we figured out a route that would
keep him out of the mountains as much as possible.
He kept going north on 75 through Knoxville,
then west on KY 80, to KY 55 right to 
There were a lot of rolling hills,
and only one grade at the TN/KY border
which was a 6% descent, so not so bad!

He had a  terrific welcoming committee,
as Harry & Jessica have the site next to him!

Jessica took some pictures of him backing in,
and a few of him getting settled :-) 

Harry and he had a cold one after George got settled :-)

George will have a couple days to find the stores, etc.,
before he starts work on Tuesday.
I'm anxious to hear all the stories!

In the meantime, my Mom and I are getting things in order.
We have appointments with the lawyer, appraiser,
and investment broker next week.
Today we tackled my Dad's bedroom.
We had some laughs cleaning out his closet of all his clothes.
He had so many shirts and pants he never wore!
We said it must be a man thing...
George does the same thing!


  1. George deserved that cold one! Hope you get everything sorted out soon so you can be back with him and share some well deserved adult beverages! :c)

  2. I think George deserved his beer-thirty :) That's a big trip solo. Glad you and your mom are making progress. I think that is definitely a "man thing". I know of a closet here that has some of the same "never worn" things :)

  3. Congrats to George on a safe journey and getting settled in! Sounds like you have both been getting a lot accomplished.

  4. George did great making that trip all by himself. I guess truckers do that all the time, but I'm impressed! Good job George.

    I know you are glad to be there helping your Mom, but I know it's very difficult for you both. Hang in there.

  5. Glad to hear George made it to Kentucky OK. Are you going to work Amazon, too? I've heard they work you hard!

  6. Glad that George had a good solo trip. I know what that's like, really tiring. I also know that it is difficult to go through the stuff of one's life, with all the emotions, I guess it can be liberating.

  7. Thank goodness for Jim and Linda's directions around Atlanta! We'll definitely take that route again!

    Congratulations to George on his solo trip -- way to go George!

    Thinking of you and your mom as you tackle the nitty gritty.

  8. That is so neat that you are parked next to Jessica and Harry. They will surely "show you the ropes".

  9. Another new experience under George's belt. Good job. It is such a bittersweet time...going through a loved ones things. Prayers coming your way.