Thursday, September 11, 2014

Amazon days

Heartland Campground
Campbellsville, KY

George started his first day at Amazon on Tuesday.
He got his paperwork all filled in,
his picture taken for his badge,
and some safety training along with a tour.
He also got a small backpack with some supplies in it.

They took a picture of all the workers that started on 9/9..

Looks like a rowdy bunch!

He's had a couple days training under his belt now.
There's a lot to learn!
He's in receiving,
so he does a lot of scanning with a handheld scanner.
So far he's only working 5 hour days,
but his shift will be Wednesday-Saturday from 6 am to 4:30 pm.
He has a different shift than Harry & Jessica,
but when overtime kicks in they'll work some of the same days.
Since they both have this Saturday off,
they're going to tour the Maker's Mark factory,
and get a bite to eat somewhere.

Meanwhile in California...

I'm still helping my Mom get things arranged.
Lots of paperwork to get filed,
and appointments to be at.
We're trying to clean out the house a little at a time.
Maybe if all that gets done I can still make it to Amazon :-)

Oh, and we found out that our health insurance provider,
Avera of South Dakota, is going to drop full time RVers.
I'm doing some research about moving our residency to Texas.
Fun stuff!


  1. Check into Florida also. If there is one state that has lots of healthcare issues, it's Florida... :cD

  2. We are Florida. Dan & Trish, Nancy & Bill, Gin & Syl and Gail & Rick are FL.

  3. Wow George has 10.5 hour days. That sounds like over time already to me. I can't remember, have you guys done this before?

  4. Boy, George is going to really be happy to see you whenever you can get there! :)

    We moved from SD to FL last March. I would research FL too. I think SD is going to be sorry. Their population is shrinking fast.

  5. This is sure gonna put a hurting on SD. Very short sighted. Glad we are 65+. (Did I say that????)

    That's quite a lot of people starting on one day.

  6. Here we are again, getting parents house ready for selling and looking at having to move also. We have to stop meeting like this.)

  7. That looks like a fun bunch! Sounds like you and George are both keeping very busy.

  8. Judy and I also changed to FL. Give it a look.

  9. Glad you are both doing well. I know George will be glad when you get back, but I am sure your Mom is so happy to have you there right now!!

    Healthcare shouldn't be so difficult:o(((