Monday, September 22, 2014

A nice day out with Adam

Heartland Campground
Campbellsville, KY

Monterey County, CA

It is a rare day that I can spend some time with my oldest son, Adam.
He had the day off, so I picked him off and off we went!

We started off at The Barnyard in Carmel.
It's a lovely shopping area with different terraces of flowers,
fountains, and shops.

We walked around a bit, but most of the shops are a little high priced for this RVer!
I thought it would be nice to sit outside,
have a beer and an appetizer,
so we went to Flanagan's and sat outside on their deck.

Good thing George isn't around, since we had garlic fries :-)

After enjoying those, we drove into Monterey,
and parked at the wharf.
It's a great place to people watch, and see the boats.

The shops here are a bit more touristy,
so I bought a new sweatshirt to wear if it gets cold :-)
Didn't need it today,
it was beautiful out!

Soon it was time to eat some more!
We drove over to Cannery Row,
and to a great little place called Schooner's.

There was a bit of a wait for an outside table,
but it was worth the wait, as the view was pretty nice.

Our meal was terrific, with fresh fruit and a turkey club..

On the way back into Salinas, we stopped to visit Adam's girlfriend Candee,
who works at sculptor Richard McDonald's studio.
She gave us a pretty cool tour of the place,
showing how his sculptures are done from start to finish.

He's famous for some of the sculptures at the olympics,
and of a golfers swing which is at the Peter Hay course in Pebble Beach.
I did get to see the statue pre-bronze..

It was a very interesting tour.
I never knew what the process was like!
Starts with a form modeled in clay..

Then there is a plaster cast, then wax forms.
Candee's job is to clean the wax forms so that the bronze can be applied.

Can you imagine how long it would take to do this one?!

That was the one that he did for the 1996 summer olympics in Atlanta.
It was so nice for Candee to give us a tour!

I get to be her date at Richard's fall show in Carmel on Oct. 4th!
How cool is that!?


  1. Those sculptures are really amazing, so cool you got to see the whole process.

    I'm sure you had a really great day with Adam, after all that you've been through, it must have been refreshing to spend a wonderful time with him. :c)

  2. Spending time with your son is a great compensation for being away from George. The tour looks so interesting. What a unique job she has.

  3. That is WAY cool...both the tour and spending the day with your son!!!

  4. Garlic Fries? Something I've never heard of.

  5. Impressive sculptures! How cool to see the process and then, get a date to the show :)
    What a great mother/son day!

  6. We've never heard of garlic fries either but MUST try them!

    How nice to get a private tour on the making of those awesome sculptures!

  7. Great sculptures. I did one while I was in college. It was fun.