Tuesday, September 2, 2014

A game of golf (well, sorta)

Monterey County, CA

I got up very early this morning, (3:30!) to drive George up to the airport.
He's returning to Modoc, SC for a few days,
then leaving on Friday to head up to Campbellsville, KY
to start his job at Amazon on Sept. 9th.
We decided that he'll take the route through Atlanta on 75,
stopping overnight in Adairsville, GA
It was recommended by Mike and Terri as a good place.
Then he'll arrive at Heartland Campground in Campbellsville.
I think he's looking forward to getting there and seeing some friends,
and keeping busy working :-)

I'm still staying behind in CA.
My Mom is doing terrific, despite the circumstances.
We'll begin the arduous task of cleaning out the house,
and then selling things, and the house itself.
She's actually looking forward to moving into the independent living facility in town.

Yesterday we got together with my cousin Kelly and her husband Gary.
They have a beautiful Redwood fifth wheel, 
and were staying in a campground nearby.
They are avid golfers and invited us to ride the course with them.
We met them for breakfast at Coyote Creek golf club,
our old stomping grounds from workamping at the RV resort.

They rented two carts, I drove with Kelly,
and George got in Gary's cart.

We got some tips from both of them,
they are pretty good!

One of the things I am taking with me of my Dad's
is his set of clubs.
I've always wanted to learn,
and I'm hoping to take lessons while we're workamping
at the RV resort by the course this January.

The views from the course are nice!

Too bad it's so dry in California. The only green is the fairways and greens :-)
We took them over to the RV resort to check it out.
They made reservations to come up for a week in January while we're there!
It will be so much fun to spend more time with them.


  1. So glad your Mom has a good attitude and looking forward to her new "digs"

    Redwoods RV's sure are pretty, aren't they?

  2. I'm glad to hear your Mom is doing well and is okay with going to the retirement home. You will be able to worry less and she will have lots of companionship.

    If George needs a place to stay on the way, we have an empty lot and he's welcome to it.

    Hang in there.

  3. We stayed at Harvest Moon last December on our way out of Campbellsville! :) It is really nice. We are looking forward to seeing George this weekend!! We are off on Saturday, so will probably see him when he arrives. We are in the lower section if he wants to come down by us. There are a lot of empty sites.

  4. Me too - glad your mom is looking forward to moving into an assisted living apartment. They really can be wonderful with so many people around and things to do. It will keep her busy and happy and will give you peace of mind. Hope it all goes smoothly. It's a big job and don't I know it.

  5. It's wonderful you have no pressure and can stay with your mom to get her on the path to her new life. It is sad she has to leave her home of so many years, but good to hear that she is looking forward to moving on and going to a place where you won't have to worry about her.

    Hope George isn't missing you too much, he's a trooper carrying on without you for a little longer.

  6. You are a great daughter Laurie! I'm sure your mom is very happy you are staying on and helping her with everything she has to do.

  7. It's great your mom wants to go to retirement home. It's such a relief for you that she'll be getting care and watched over. I hope the house sells fast and you'll be back with George.

  8. It's sad to think of you and George parting ways but know that you'll soon be reunited.

    That's great that your mom has a positive outlook on her move. She'll have a wonderful community and so many opportunities on things to do!