Friday, August 1, 2014

Lots of doctors!

Prunedale, CA

Since I've been here in California, 
I'm able to be cook, maid, nurse, and chauffeur.
It's tiring work taking care of my ailing father,
but I know my mother appreciates it.

Last week I was able to accompany my father
on a trip to the radiologist,
where he had been getting radiation treatments to his brain.
I got lots of questions answered,
including finding out why he's having shoulder pain.
The doctor finally ordered a CT scan of that area,
where they found another tumor :-(
He'll start radiation treatments next week,
which will help with pain management.

My mother is having her own issues with A-Fib,
so there was a day where she had to have
a cardioversion done to get her back into sinus rhythm.
We're starting to get known by the valet service at the
hospital parking lot :-)

I've had lunch with my son, Adam.
He lives right next to the hospital,
so that makes it convenient!

George and I heard from Amazon,
and got our start date of September 9th!
Hopefully if things go well here in California, I can return to SC
at the end of the month, and head to Kentucky!


  1. So sorry you are having to go through this. Hope things settle down so you can make Amazon in Sept.

  2. Wow you are starting Amazon early we won't get there until October. Bring your shorts :-). We're very familiar with Afib, Al has been dealing with it for over 10 years now and I believe 8 cardioversions. Its good you can be there for your parents but be sure to get rest yourself :-).

  3. How well I know the tiring roll of a caregiver. I hope your parents will stabilize enough for your to make your September date. Who will help them when you leave? It is such a difficult job and such a sad one. My heart goes out to all of you. I'm hoping for the very best in all circumstances.

  4. Laurel, we can appreciate what you are going through as we have been the caregiver for a long time. We will keep you and your family in our prayers.

  5. I'm sorry for all the family issues you are dealing with. I hope things improve for both of your parents.

  6. Al and Karen are right. Be sure to take care of yourself. You can't help them if you are sick. Our prayers are with you and your family.

    Jim and Linda

  7. You are a wonderful daughter to be with your folks during this difficult time. I'm sure they are drawing strength to continue the fight with you being there to support them. We won't stop the prayers for all of you.

  8. Laurel, so sorry to hear these issues with your dad and mom. Caretaking of our parents can not only be physically taxing but it also can take its toll on us emotionally. Do hope you are finding some "down" time for yourself and that you are able to make your Amazon date rested, refreshed and with peace of mind.

  9. I am sure they know they have raised a Great Daughter.

  10. Our paths seem to unreal- we will be heading home from Custer early to help deal with issues with my(Rays) fathers health. Prayers to you and the family.

  11. Fortunate that you can be there with your parents. You all are in our thoughts and prayers.

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