Thursday, July 24, 2014

In California, parental care

Prunedale, CA

I flew into Monterey airport on Monday night
after a full day of flying.
No issues, and fairly smooth flights.

My Mom & Dad picked me up,
it is nice to see them!
Unfortunately, with my Dad's condition, he no longer drives.
That makes it tough on my Mom, but now that I'm here,
I can be the chauffeur :-)

For those that don't know,
my Father was diagnosed with Stage IV pancreatic cancer
in July of last year.
In February of this year, that went into remission,
and he was on the road to recovery from chemo treatments.
In May, he started getting the pains back which led to the discovery
of the cancer last year.
After loads of testing, 
they found that the cancer came back, 
and spread to his liver, lungs, and now his brain.

Fortunately, he was well enough to accompany my Mom
on a cruise up the Maine coast in June to celebrate their 58th anniversary.

He has really gone downhill since then.
He was receiving daily radiation treatments (yesterday was his last one).
I went with them to talk to the doctor a bit,
and got a shot of my Dad with his radiation mask :-)

He's a lot thinner,
and he gets very confused at times.
Last night I woke up at 3 am to find him in his skivvies,
sitting at his desk attempting to 'work'.
I got him back to bed, but it's frustrating for all of us.

He has another CT scan on Friday to find out how the radiation worked.
I'm hoping his confusion goes away when the effects wear off.
He goes to his oncologist today, so some questions will be answered then.

I've gotten to see my son, Adam while I'm here too.
He's been a big help here also.

George is doing fine back in Modoc,
getting things done around the RV.
I miss him :-)


  1. Prayers for your dad.....I understand as my brother is going through the same thing with prostate cancer.

  2. You made the right choice to be there with your folks at this time. Hoping things go better for your dad.

  3. We're sure your parents are glad you are there with them. We will keep all of you in our thoughts and prayers.

  4. I am so sorry to hear this and of your need to fly home but I know your parents are grateful for your help and love. Nice benefit to that you can see your son. Our thoughts are with you. Go George for picking up the slack. What a great man!

  5. It is great that you can be there at this difficult time!

  6. Your parents are fortunate that their daughter is with them at this time. How sweet that your son is a help too. Hugs, friend.

  7. Good you're able to be with your dad and mom when they need you. Your dad is in our prayers.

    Jim and Linda

  8. We know your parents are happy to have you there with them. Nice that Adam can be there too to help lift your spirits. We're thinking of you.

  9. I know your mom is so happy to have you there with them right now. Sending our best.

  10. I'm glad that you arrived safely and can now spend time with your dad.