Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Getting some exercise!

Volunteer Village
J. Strom Thurmond Lake
Modoc, SC

We've recently started working another gatehouse.
Another workamper had some medical issues,
and had to go home for a week,
so we took over their gate last weekend.
Lake Springs is a bigger day use park than Clarks Hill.
It can get very busy,
but nothing we can't handle :-)

Yesterday the volunteers were asked to help
prepare one of the loops, Mallard Point,
to be ready for the 4th of July weekend.

A bunch of us took rakes, brooms, and blowers
to clean picnic tables, and rake out pine needles and leaves
from the picnic areas.

Mallard Point is a beautiful loop in Lake Springs with
a nice shelter, observation tower,
and lots of picnic tables and grills.

We really enjoyed working alongside other volunteers,
and the physical work felt good!

After we finished and came home to shower,
George and I decided to go out for some good Mexican food.
We like to try new places,
so I went on Yelp to find something different.
We ended up at Salsa 3,
and the meals were great!

An update on my parents..
they are home today after their cruise on the Maine coast.
They had a great time, but said they'll be glad to be in their own bed!
My Dad is in a lot of pain,
but the pain meds are keeping that at bay.
He goes to the oncologist today to see what's up,
and what is the next step.
Thank you for your continued prayers!


  1. Your dad is in our prayers.

    Jim and Linda

  2. My very best wishes for your dad. We know what a scary road this is. Great pictures of the park. If the weather isn't too hot, I'd much prefer being outside with a rake than inside the gate house.

  3. Looks like all the volunteers worked together to make it a fun day too.
    Wishing your dad all the best. So glad he enjoyed his trip.

  4. Glad your parents had a good cruise, even better that they've come home now. We will continue to keep your dad and mom in our thoughts and prayers. Hope the doctors can give him better pain meds.

  5. Working with a bunch of folks certainly helps the job get done a lot faster. Rewarding yourself with Mexican food was a great way to the end the day!

    Continued prayers for your dad.

  6. Wish you and George could join us here! Looks like the replacement couple that was hired may "no shows".