Monday, July 7, 2014

Catching up

Volunteer Village
J. Strom Thurmond Lake
Modoc, SC

Was a very busy weekend!
Hope everyone enjoyed the 4th!

We worked on the 4th, at the Lake Springs gatehouse.
George and I are working there for the rest of the summer.
It is a busier gatehouse, on the Georgia side of the lake.
Friday was no exception.
We counted over 1800 people coming in to enjoy!
There were a lot of picnics and bbq's happening.
We saw some fireworks after we got home,
just over the treetops in Modoc.
I find I really enjoy our time off during the week.
Monday is laundry day, and catching up on blogs,
and just relaxing!

This past week we both had eye exams.
Since my insurance was dropped back in November,
we lost our vision insurance as well.
I was down to my last pair of contacts, yikes!
I found a reasonable plan through Davis Vision online,
so we signed up as of July 1st.
Although I'm not a fan of Wal-Mart vision,
that's where we went, due to the convenience.
George got a new prescription, and new glasses.

My left eye prescription went down a notch, and the right eye is the same,
so I ordered a full year of contacts. 
All this for only $189! Not too bad :-)

We're still arguing with GM over the turbo issue.
The dealer in Florida is willing to reimburse us the $250 for the sensor,
but we want the labor too!
Waiting on a call from them to resolve.
I guess it's better than nothing :-(

George and I haven't heard from Amazon as to our start date.
Ideally we'll leave here on the 3rd of September,
staying a couple different places along the way to KY.
We'd like to spend a few days in Knoxville, TN and explore.
We should be hearing from them in a few weeks.

Still enjoying the wildlife around the lake.
Lately a different bird is eating our seed!

Til next time....
enjoy your summer!


  1. Costco's is also a fantastic place to get glasses and contacs. Glad you are enjoying your work kamping experience! I don't know people do it working for Amazon on your feet all day. Good for you for being able to do that!

  2. Happy day off! I'll bet you really need one after that long holiday weekend. 1800 people! That's a lot of day use fees to collect! :)

  3. That's quite an amazing amount of people coming to the lake. It's hard to picture, because we've spent our time there in the off season. You'd be lucky to see one or two people a week.

    Keep sticking to your guns with GM. Sounds like you're making a little progress in the battle.

  4. Thinking you and George are busier at that gate than we were at our gates as gate guards!

  5. Sure wish I could use that title. But I think I am just allergic to being caught up. Sounds like even with all those folks you are enjoying your work. I agree that working the week-end and having time off during the week is the way to go.

  6. That was a nice bonus to be able to see fireworks right from your camper! We're still keeping our fingers crossed that GM pays the full cost.