Thursday, June 26, 2014

A little trip to Ninety Six and lunch with friends!

Volunteer Village
J. Strom Thurmond Lake
Modoc, SC

We recently heard about a town called Ninety Six, SC,
and decided to take a ride to see what was there.
Boy were we pleasantly surprised.
 It turns out that Ninety Six is where two Revolutionary War
battles were fought. Over 100 lives were lost during that time in June, 1781.
Ninety Six was allegedly named by the Charleston traders because it
was the estimated remaining miles to the Cherokee village of Keowee.

We first went into the visitor center, and watched the short movie
"Crossroads of the Revolution", which told the story of how the fort came to be.

There was great information on the settlement and battles as well.

There is a terrific one mile paved walking trail that winds around 
the grounds where Star Fort, and the original settlement of Ninety Six sat.

The fort itself was constructed in the shape of a star, 
with earthen walls and sandbags on top of that.

There was a two story tower to climb up to get a better vantage point.

Unfortunately, time and weather have eroded the walls,
so there are only a small indication of what was once there.

The settlement of Ninety Six was burned down by the British.

The outline of the settlement is marked by signs..

There was a stockade fort built around James Holmes home to protect the water supply.

After our nice walk and tour of the grounds,
we made our way to Batesburg-Leesville, SC
to meet up with Paul & Marti!
They are currently staying near Columbia by their daughter's home.

They picked a great place halfway between us,
It is a great BBQ buffet restaurant,
and we enjoyed both the food and company.
I'm sure we'll meet up again sometime!


  1. Your fort looks very interesting and a town named Ninety Six would peak my curiosity as well. We are staying at Fort Wilkins campground but haven't gotten over to see the fort yet. The main building is unfortunately closed until August while they redo the roof. Great picture of you guys with Paul and Marti. What fun to get to meet up with them.

  2. Looks like you had a great day all the way around! :)

  3. I've heard of Ninety-Six, but we never did make it there...yet. Oh yes, Shealy's is not a good place to go if you are trying to watch your weight! :)

    Did anyone try the liver nips???

  4. We definitely have exceeded our RV's CCC after that lunch together! ;c)

  5. Nice to have a day off. A town named Ninety-Six - reminds me of the town of 84. Isn't that in PA?

  6. Small world! I have followed your blog for about a year now and we ate at Shealy's in Leesville on Tuesday while visiting family! My wife and I are new full time RVers (June 11) on our way to the New England area. We are attempting to write a blog about our adventures. ( I have enjoyed following your travels. If time permits please check out our blog and let us know what you think.

  7. Interesting! There is so much to see in this great nation of ours. I just wish I could have started our full time adventure 20 years ago! LOL!

  8. You know you and George would never have visited Shealy's or Ninety Six if you weren't living on the road! Isn't it great?