Monday, May 5, 2014

What a great place to work!

Volunteer Village
J. Strom Thurmond Lake
Modoc, SC

Friday we arrived at our new home for the summer..
working for the Corps of Engineers
at J. Strom Thurmond Lake.

We were thrilled to pull in and be directed to our site
who have been here since September.
They will be working here also until the end of May.

Our site, #6, couldn't be more perfect..

..with views like this!

Mike and Terri were nice enough to invite us over for dinner on Friday night.

It's great to have a site to call our own, and it feels more homey
with our bird feeders out.

Even Mr. Gnome is quite happy to have something to look at!

Today we found out our duties.
We will work the weekends and 3 summer holidays
manning the gatehouse at Clarks Hill Park.
The park is a nice day use area,
with picnic and swimming areas and a boat ramp.

The Corps set up this village for 12 workampers
in October 2011.

Everyone has a nice view of the lake,
as well as full hookups, a grill, picnic table,
fire ring, and lantern pole.
There is also a common area with laundry facilities,
work out equipment, fireplace, and TV.
There is also a kitchen for potlucks, etc.

With these accommodations,
I think the summer is going to fly by too fast!


  1. Wow! what wonderful accommodations. I'm so happy for you guys.

  2. This park sure does know how to treat its volunteers and that's why so many people, you two are #5 &6, rave about them. Great looking site for sure and your assignment is my dream. Working week-ends and holidays when things are crazy anyway and having the calm wonderful days off. SCORE for you I'd say!!

  3. I completely agree with Sherry. What a nice gig you have. They sure know how to treat their volunteers. Paul and Marti failed to mention all those amenities. Wonder why?

  4. Looks fantastic! Life of the volunteers sure is rough!

  5. We're glad you're here! Looking forward to some fun over the next few weeks!

  6. Thanks a lot! Now we're homesick!!! :c(

  7. It looks fantastic! I think you are about to be spoiled for other workamping jobs! Here's hoping you have a "relatively" cool SC summer :)

  8. Looks beautiful!! I remember spending summers boating on COE lakes in Arkansas. You can't beat them for quiet & peacefulness. Congrats for a great summer gig!!

  9. What a great looking gig, enjoy your summer.

  10. That's a great looking place. I have a feeling if you're there next summer we'll be stopping in to see both of you and Mike and Terri. Nice!!!

  11. Have heard that place was good but wow- definitely need to put on our go to list.
    Don't work to hard.)

  12. Have heard that place was good but wow- definitely need to put on our go to list.
    Don't work to hard.)

  13. I am sure the fishing will be great (at least until it gets HOT), love the site and wow what nice neighbors.

  14. Wow! Really sounds great. If you had a kayak, could you launch it behind your RV?

  15. Mr Gnome looks quite happy. You guys really have a perfect place to be all summer.
    Don't get too hot. It is only in the low 60's here. :-(