Saturday, May 24, 2014

Water Safety

Volunteer Village
J. Strom Thurmond Lake
Modoc, SC

Yesterday we had the privilege of accompanying Mike & Terri and Jim & Linda
to watch them present the Water Safety Program to elementary school children.

Over the last year or so, a few of the volunteers have put together
a great program to educate children the importance of safety on and near the water.
This lake has over 1200 miles of shoreline, so water safety is very important!

We followed the four of them to McCormick school complex in McCormick, SC.
George and I helped them carry their supplies into the gym.
They quickly got things set up..

It wasn't long before the first group came in, adorable kindergarten children.

This is a great presentation, keeping their interest with visual aids.
Linda begins with 'Bobber' the mascot,
wearing his own life vest..
..and Jim, her swim buddy..

Then Mike explains how to pick the right life vest (or jacket)..

Terri has a great presentation using oranges,
to show what would happen if the life vest isn't
securely fastened around you, or not worn at all..

The final part of the presentation is Jim and Linda
showing the importance of swimming in designated areas..

..and the importance of swim buddies,
and how to assist them if they're in trouble!

We were very impressed at the way they get the message across.
I think there will be a lot of children (and adults!) paying more attention
when they're in or around the water.

During their break between presentations,
we followed them over to Michelle's for a great lunch.

Glad we got to go along!


  1. Ah, Michelle's! Another thing we miss about volunteering. Glad you got to go along, they are doing a great job on the Water Safety Program. Another fun job at Thurmond COE. :c)

  2. Kudos for the water safety program.

  3. Boy lucky you to get to be part of the water safety presentation those folks, and Paul and Marti, worked so hard to put together. Great community outreach and PR for the park.

  4. Nice to see Volunteer's making such a positive impact on the well being of the children. Sure must be a rewarding assignment:o))

  5. Thinking our 7 y/o granddaughter should have gone to one of those classes. She went to swimming birthday party earlier today. Decided to take off safety gear and jumped into deep end. Had to be pulled out by lifeguard.

    Having nice weather there now?

  6. We certainly did have a great time doing the water safety presentations. It was really fun working with Jim, Linda, Bill, Carrol, Paul, and Marti, and it was very gratifying spreading the message of water safety. Sadly, this was our last day of presentations for the season. Terri and I are looking forward to next year and more good times with the water safety program. Thanks Laurie for the nice words.

  7. What a wonderful service to the community! Nice that you were able to be there.

  8. Water safety is so important, especially for kids. There was a sad story here today, when a four year old fell off a boat his grandfather was driving without a life jacket on. In the open water of Mobile Bay there is not much chance they will find him alive:(