Sunday, May 18, 2014

Slow weekend

Volunteer Village
J. Strom Thurmond Lake
Modoc, SC

This was our first full weekend at the Clarks Hill gatehouse.

Saturday was children's day at all 3 day use areas on the lake.
We really expected to be busy, as everyone's fee was waived.
For some reason, it was a slow day!

We're not sure that the Corp advertises these events very well.
Most people were pleasantly surprised when we told them there was no fee!

Today we woke up to cool rain showers,
we even had our fireplace going this morning!
The rain kept the people from visiting the lake.

George finally got the key to the board...
it displays the shelters that are reservable,
and we post the names of the parties when they do.

Finally about 11 am we got a call on the radio that
we could shut down the gatehouse and come home.
Next weekend is Memorial Day,
so I'm sure we'll be very busy.

There have been a few visitors to our site..
This cute little guy is making George a bit nervous.
He (the field mouse, not George) is eating bird seed off the ground now,
but...  :-)

There are two different goose families that come off the lake
to graze in the grass..

This afternoon we enjoyed lunch out with Mike & Terri at Cici's.

The sunsets are different every night, but the clearing rain clouds 
made tonight's especially nice..

We have a busy day tomorrow - grocery shopping and the like.
Looks like the week is shaping up to be a nice one!


  1. Thanks for lunch, it was certainly delicious and filling, and the company was excellent. The sunset was beautiful tonight! You won't be bored next weekend. :)

  2. We really enjoy the ACOE parks, but we do find current info about them to be difficult to come by.

  3. No I am sure you will be the opposite of bored on a memorial day week-end. Looks like a fine job though and a very nice place to be for a while. Hi to Mike and Terri, if it weren't for their comment I'd have thought they had disappeared. :-)

  4. I'm so glad you guys are together, wish we were there. It's going to get very busy once it warms up and kids are out of school. Have fun!

  5. The calm before the storm, enjoy your week off.

  6. Make sure that little mouse has plenty to eat outside! :)

  7. Just admire your fingers now because on Memorial Day weekend (and the July 4th weekend) you'll have worked them to the bone! ;c)