Saturday, May 10, 2014

OJT - On the job training

Volunteer Village
J. Strom Thurmond Lake
Modoc, SC

We started our job today by doing a bit of training.
There are quite a few day use areas around the lake.
Today we went with another couple, Paul & Peg,
to their gate at Lake Springs,
to take a look at what our job will entail.

This job does not require a lot of hard work.
It costs $4.00 per carload to get in,
so each family has to stop at our gatehouse to pay.
We collect their money and issue a hangtag for their mirror.
We also can sell annual passes for $30.

Our hours are from 9-5 Saturdays & Sundays.
Once the day is completed, we close out the register,
count the cash,
and drop the deposit into the safe, which is in each gatehouse.

Our gatehouse is air conditioned,
and is equipped with a bathroom as well.

We've been told that our particular park is quite busy,
so our weekends should go pretty fast!

During the week we've been getting settled,
going for groceries,
and having some happy hour times with Mike & Terri :-)

It's going to be a great summer!


  1. Paul and Peggy are really nice folks with a great sense of humor. You couldn't ask for better trainers, they've done it for a long time. :c)

  2. Sounds like a terrific job. Work week ends and have the entire week off. Sweet!! So is spending time with Mike and Terri.

  3. It's a tough job, but somebody has to do it! :) Actually, it sounds great! Glad you guys are enjoying it.

  4. That sounds like a great setup! Happy Mothers Day!

  5. Sounds terrific. You only work weekends? Wow…that's great! Plenty of time to enjoy the rest of the week… Enjoy!

  6. That sounds like a great gig. I wouldn't mind working week-ends so that you can do your thing when its less crowded.

  7. Looks like a good gig. Have a great summer. We loved our time at the Petersburg campground on the lake.