Thursday, May 1, 2014

Fort Pulaski and Tybee Island

Red Gate Farms Campground
Savannah, GA

We will be sad to leave this beautiful area.
It certainly has felt more like a vacation to us here,
exploring Savannah and the surrounding areas.

Today we joined Paul & Kathy once again,
and went to Fort Pulaski.
We used our senior passes to get in free,
and also got our National Parks passport stamped as well!

Fort Pulaski was completed in 1847 and was under the control
of 2 caretakers until South Carolina seceded from the US 
and set in motion the Civil War around 1860.
Following the secession of Georgia in February 1861,
 the state joined the Confederate States of America. 
Confederate troops then moved into the fort and prepared for possible attack.

There's a moat around the fort, which sits on Cockspur Island,
across a channel of the Savannah River from Tybee Island.

Of course there are a lot of cannons..
and one of the first rifled cannons as well.

George got to check out the powder kegs too..
and I think he thought it was a nice wine cellar :-)

The views from the top were fantastic!

There were two beautiful pecan trees, 
and one huge fig tree.

Once we had our fill of fort stuff,
we headed toward Tybee Island.

The car made a sharp turn towards

What a great place!
We opted for something small,
I had deviled crab salad & clam chowder.
George had a chili dog :-)

They had some cute little alligators outside..

The four of us explored the beach a bit..

Then it was on to the lighthouse!
We paid our senior rate of $7/person,
not bad to climb the 178 steps to the top.

Of course the views from up there were terrific!

The Fresnel lens has two 1,000 watt bulbs.
When one burns out the light automatically switches over to the new bulb.

Do we look worn out from climbing up to the top!?

I also learned that lighthouses have different 'day marks',
meaning the black and white markings in different places.
The mariners recognize a lighthouse during the day by 
its paint pattern.

We had a great time,
but we will be leaving tomorrow
for our new workamping job
in Modoc, South Carolina.
George and I will definitely miss Paul & Kathy.
We had such fun times with them the last two weeks!


  1. You sure packed a lot of sightseeing into a couple of weeks!! :) Safe travels tomorrow to your next destination!!

  2. Love your new header picture. I'm sure envious of you in shorts and a t-shirt. I can't remember the last time the weather was warm enough for that. Even when we were in Florida it rained and rained. Too funny your comment about the cute little alligators. Only folks who have spent a pretty good amount of time in Florida could refer to them as cute. Sorry you have to go back to "work", you sure have had a nice time on your vacation.

  3. I am ashamed...totally ashamed!! I have lived in Georgia for most of my life and I have to confess I have never visited Savannah, Tybee Island or Fort Pulaski. I will definitely do something about that this year...its a goal!!!! Thanks for the beautiful pics and inspiration!!!

  4. Sorry your vacation is over. It looks like you had a nice time exploring Savannah. We hope to get back there one day.

    Maybe we'll see you this summer. Not sure how far you are from Blairsville.

  5. George had a chili dog at a seafood place? I need to talk to that lad!!! :cD