Monday, May 12, 2014

First day on the job

Volunteer Village
J. Strom Thurmond Lake
Modoc, SC

We felt like we were properly trained on Saturday,
so Sunday we were thrown to the wolves (so to speak).

Our hours are 9-5, but we drove the 10 minutes
to Clarks Hill Park a bit early to get everything prepared.

There's an alarm to turn off, the door to unlock.
Air conditioning gets turned on, 
and log into the cash register.

George hoisted the flag in the front of the building..

Once we're all ready to go,
we open the blinds and take a cover off the "iron ranger",
which is an honor-system container for the $4.00 entrance fee.

The morning was slow at first.
Being Mother's day, we figured that it would get busier later,
after church let out and some moms got their breakfast :-)

It did get busier later,
a slow steady stream of picnickers,
boaters, and people wanting to enjoy the lake.

Most people were pretty nice!
I got a few 'Happy Mother's Day!',
and I returned the greeting to most of the women :-)

We chuckled at the cars that saw that the gatehouse
is now being manned after a long winter season,
and immediately turned around.
Geez, $4.00 is going to break you?
Apparently they weren't using the 'honor' system before :-)

The steady stream of customers made the day go quickly,
and at 5 pm we closed up shop,
counted our money,
and deposited it into the safe in the gatehouse.
Next Saturday & Sunday we'll do it again!

I had a great Mother's day as well,
hearing from both my boys,
and calling my Mom when we got home.

Hope everyone had a great day yesterday as well!


  1. You survived! Great job, eh? Now enjoy your week off, unless you want to go pin hunting... ;c)

  2. Sounds like a sweet job that you'll enjoy. Have to laugh at the turn arounds. You bet they'd been coming all winter without paying. They do it here too. Happy Late Mother's Day to you.

  3. AC? I'd say it's a tad warmer there than here in Minnesota. :)

  4. I guess $4 is too much for some people.

  5. Some people think everything should be free :( Glad your first weekend went well and Happy Mother's Day to you a little late!

  6. The Day Use Fee here is $6.00, however some people can't read signs and come up into the CG to park and some leave a mess. The Campsite are reserved and if they don't go back in the valley I call for a Ranger who comes and either charges them the other $18.00 or makes them leave to the Day Use Area.
    One couple was up here checking the CG out and we visited (he liked the Hummers) and they went back to the Day Use Area. It was a young Asian Couple and they didn't understand the sign.

  7. Looking forward to hearing more about your new job.

  8. Really sounds like a good gig- Amazing the differences in what these jobs require, you are getting a good mix of it all.

  9. We're really glad your first day went well. Now you just have to keep George occupied during the week! :)