Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Tour of Savannah, day one

Red Gate Farms Campground
Savannah, GA

Today George and I got picked up this morning at 9 am sharp by the trolley shuttle.
We took the Old Town Trolley tour into Savannah for the day.

We met our friends, Paul & Kathy, at the first stop.
We all climbed aboard and were off to see the city!

We got off on the first stop, City Market to explore a bit.

There were lots of shops to poke around in.

We hopped back on the trolley and got an overview of the
historical buildings in the area.

We eventually got to the Savannah river, and the great places along the walk.
We popped into Savannah's Candy Kitchen
and everything smelled wonderful!

I really enjoyed the cobblestone streets!

We didn't buy any candy, but did get a taste of their homemade pralines, yum!
Afterwards, it was time for a bite of lunch.
We stopped in to the Cotton Exchange Tavern,
and it was delicious!

The four of us walked off our lunch along the river.
This statue is of Savannah's 'Waving Girl'..

Her name was Florence Martus.
Legend has it that she would wave a handkerchief by day,
and a lantern by night at all the sailors on the river.

This is one of the ferrys that shuttle you across the river.

We all hopped on the trolley again, riding it back to the beginning of the tour.
It was getting quite warm & humid, so we decided to
go into the Visitors Center and watch the movie about Savannah.
There was still some time to enjoy the area afterwards,
so onto another trolley!
There is an ice cream shop called Leopolds that called our name :-)

They had the best ice cream!
I had a scoop of lemon custard, and a scoop of lavender.

George and I have two-day passes to ride the trolley,
so we'll be going back tomorrow or Thursday,
depending on the weather.

Can't wait to explore some more!


  1. Sounds like great fun. Hope it cools down a bit. Warm here, mid 80's

  2. Nice trip, You have more will power than Ray around that candy,)

  3. We got a kick out of all the movie posters in Leopold's. Mr. L worked on all of them and when we were there, he told us all about them.

  4. Sounds like the trolley tour is a winner! Another thing for my list ;)

  5. We never used to do "tours" thinking that we wanted to do it ourselves but we learned differently in St. Augustine where that tour is terrific. This is one I will add to the list. But no pictures of the ice cream....oh too bad! :-)

  6. You guys are so much fun to hang with! Thanks for the good times.
    Your photos are wonderful. Would you write my blog for me? LOL