Monday, April 28, 2014

On to Savannah!

Red Gate Farms Campground
Savannah, GA

Our last day at Jekyll Island was spent getting ready to move.
We had intended on going on another bike ride, but it was hot & muggy.
We decided to stick around under the AC instead :-)

On Saturday we got a surprise text from Paul & Marti.
They had flown to Jacksonville to attend a retirement party,
and were within 1.5 hour drive of Jekyll Island.
They had a rental car, and made the drive up on Sunday afternoon to see us!
We were so blessed that they would drive that far just to spend a few hours.
We went with them to the local pizza place on the Island,

It was so nice to see them again. 
Thanks guys for taking time to drive up!

Today we got hooked up and left by 10 am.
We had a short drive of around 87 miles to

This is such a lovely place!
It used to be a working horse farm,
and there are still a few horses on the property.

After we got settled in, we took a ride to get something to eat.
We had a great Mexican meal,
and then found a car wash to get the Jekyll pollen off the truck.

We spent the rest of the afternoon admiring the pool at the campground..

They have lovely landscaping, 
and big fishing pond as well.
I'll have to get more pictures in the next few days.

Tomorrow we're taking the trolley into Savannah.
Our friends Paul & Kathy are here at another park,
and are meeting us there!


  1. That is my kind of move, I wondered how the heat would be. Still cool and raining here, sigh.

  2. What fun to see Paul and Marti!

  3. We once saw on TV that the tall ships were sailing into Savannah. Took us all of 20 minutes to be on our way. We got to the river just as the first one was coming around the bend into view. Perfect timine and a wonderful weekend. Great time to read “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil” or watch the movie. Have fun!

  4. Is that George vacuuming the truck??? :cD

  5. I hope Paul let you have some of the pizza:)

  6. You've found another nice campground on your "vacation". I'm taking notes :) Hope the heat and humidity give you a break and hope the storms stay away!