Thursday, February 27, 2014

Lunch with friends

Pittman Visitor Center
Altoona, FL

We're still amazed at this lifestyle,
and how you can become friends with
people who have the common bond of living in an RV.

Today was no exception to that.
It seems that a lot of RV dreamers are in Florida this winter.
When we knew that this couple was going to be here,
and found out that they weren't that far away,
what better time to get together!

Sherry & David spend their winter months
hopping from Florida state parks to some of the nice springs in the state.
Since they are currently in Blue Springs,
it's the closest park to our location,
we decided to meet them for lunch!

Sherry heard about a little place called
Essex Seafood Two.

We got there a few minutes before them,
and as soon as they walked in
we all gave big welcome hugs :-)

Food was ordered, pretty good seafood,
although it was all fried :-(
The conversation went on for several hours!

George and I really enjoyed spending some time with both of them.
We're really hoping to see them again soon!


  1. You are just amazingly up to date! My post on this will be lucky to make it tomorrow. But you are so right that we had a wonderful time talking about RVing and the state of the world and future plans and.......and........ It was great to see you and George again. You are both looking well and happy. What more could any of us ask for.

  2. OK I'm sooooo jealous :) Glad you got to meet up with them again. Great picture!!

  3. Looking forward to seeing you and George today, have a safe trip down.

  4. It certainly is a small world down here in Florida! :)

  5. Once more - happy times with new friends.