Friday, February 14, 2014

Getting back on east coast time..

Pittman Visitor Center
Altoona, FL

I'm finally home!
American Airlines got me from Monterey, CA to
Orlando, FL with no issues on Wednesday.
George met me outside of baggage claim, all smiles :-)
We went out to dinner on the way home.

I was surprised by a couple things when I got home.
George switched our recliners and sofa around!

It's much more comfortable to watch TV from the recliners.
We will have to switch back when traveling, as the sofa won't clear the slide.
George figures we will only position them this way when we're sitting awhile.

George also had one of the workampers here at Ocala make us a sign!

They work in the sign shop, and did a nice job!
I'll need to stain it and apply some paint and varnish,
but I really like it.

Yesterday we did some grocery shopping, then relaxed for the rest of the day.
Last night I got about 3 hours sleep. Being in California for a month
caused my 'circadian rhythm' to be all messed up!
I'll be glad to be back to normal.

Today has been low key with the exception of it being
Valentine's Day..
George gave me some pretty flowers..
and made up a homemade card :-)

We rode our bikes around the Pittman work center,
which is a nice 1/4 mile oval.
We put in 2 miles for today.
I made some homemade soup for our dinner tonight.
The rest of the afternoon was spent soaking up 
some nice Florida sunshine!

We're making some plans while we still have 2 months left here.
We'll be taking a trip over to St. Augustine,
visit a former RVer who lives in southern Florida,
and get together with a few RV dreamers at some point.

This winter is going by pretty fast!


  1. Glad to hear you arrived home safely and to such nice gifts. What did you bring George back for Valentine's Day?? I love your sign too. The guys at Salt Springs did some nice work over there. Wish I'd been there long enough to get them to do one for us but then we can hardly remember to put out our flag so I don't know that we could manage a sign. LOL

  2. We have sun here today and it is soooo nice

  3. Glad that you had an uneventful trip - those are definitely the best kind!! :-)

    Relaxing in a chair soaking up sunshine is a great way to spend a few hours on an afternoon. We have a cool breeze blowing here yet, but the sunshine is a step in the right direction.

    I can't believe you only have two months left - it seemed like you were going to be there for such a long time. We have a month and a half left in Texas before we start heading north.

  4. Welcome home, glad you didn't get caught up in all that cancelled flight mess. Nice picture of you relaxing in the sun, a distant memory for us! ;c)

    George, what a guy!