Thursday, February 20, 2014

Future Plans

Pittman Visitor Center
Altoona, FL

Wow, it's finally nice and warm here in Florida!
It's gotten to the mid 80's the last few days.

George and I have been riding our bikes nearly every day,
trying to push ourselves beyond 2 miles around the work center's track.
I'm trying to make sure we're in a bit better shape when we start Amazon this fall.

When I was in California, I filed our tax return online.
We got a very nice refund, probably one of our last ones perhaps.
George has had his eye on a new Ipad,
so he ordered one on Ebay, and is enjoying it.
My laptop was starting to give me issues as well,
so I ordered a new Toshiba Satellite.

I love it! It's much lighter than my old Dell,
and it has a backlit keyboard, so typing in the dark is easier :-)

We also finally got a Wilson Trucker antenna, and cradle booster
to help pull in more signal for our wifi and phones.
It works great, pulling in 2 additional bars of signal!

We've made our plans for a bit of fun after we leave Florida April 21st.
First we're spending a week at Jekyll Island.
I'm really looking forward to that,
with all the biking areas, history, and nature!
Then we'll go and explore Savannah for 5 days,
staying at Red Gate Campground.
You betcha we'll be riding the trolley,
walking around,
and seeing all the history there too!

After relaxing in those two great areas,
we'll be refreshed for our new workamping job
at the day use gatehouse at Clarks Hill Park, J. Storm Thurmond COE lake!


  1. We're so sad (sniff-sniff) we're not going to be here when you arrive. But don't rule out a visit from us, we'll see if we can work out a plan to swing by. Always nice to have special friends to go out to dinner with! :c)

  2. I would say you sure did spend that refund. Wish I could do that. I always put it right in savings. Len laughs because he knows me. Even working this job with the intent of using if for travel the money goes to savings and then I fuss when I take any out. But I would like a new computer - one that is lighter. Enjoy those days off.

  3. Sounds like a great itinerary! We want to get to the Savannah area this year too, probably in the Fall. Will be anxious to hear how you like that campground :)

  4. Nice of the IRS to give you back enough of your money to buy some extra toys. I love planning where we'll be going from season to season and then looking forward to doing it.

  5. Forgot to ask - did you buy your laptop on line and did it come with Windows 8? Will be interested in how you like that since you can obviously type if you like a back lit keyboard.

  6. New technology is so much fun! You deserved it! looking forward to seeing you guys soon… :-)

  7. I'm with Sherry. Do you like Windows 8 or did you have them put Windows 7 on your new laptop. I did not like Windows 8 at all. I hope you have much better luck with yours.

    1. I asked my son for his advice, and he steered me clear of Windows 8. I opted for Windows 7 on this new laptop, and I like it. I had Windows 7 on the last laptop too.

  8. Glad you were able to get a refund and some new "toys." A backlit keyboard is a nice feature. Maybe... we'll get to see you two before we leave. :)