Friday, February 28, 2014

Another great day of fellowship!

Pittman Visitor Center
Altoona, FL

There is no shortage of friends to visit in Florida!

Today we drove south 2 hours to visit Jim & Dee and Jim & Judy
where they've been parked at Adelaide Shores for a few months.
George and I really enjoyed their company at the Carolina Clan in October.

Jim showed George their new RAV4 that they just purchased.

We sat in Jim & Dee's rig and chatted awhile when we first got there.

George was looking up everything Jim will need to set up the Wilson Truckers booster antenna.

The four of us took a walk down to the shuffleboard courts where
Jim (Maddox) was playing in a tournament.

We got a quick tour of the clubhouse and pool area too.
Adelaide Shores is a great place to stay,
they have a lot of activities to join in.

The six of us went out for lunch too!
George got to ride with the men in the new RAV,
while Denise and I rode with Judy.
We went to a great Chinese buffet restaurant,
it was very good :-)

It was really great to see them again.
Jim & Judy are heading west towards Oregon at some point,
and Jim & Dee will be heading west too.
Hopefully we'll all hook up again!


  1. I don't know how you two fit in your work camping with all the friends you have to socialize with. :-) Isn't it great being on the road and meeting such nice people!

  2. I'll second that, I can't seem to get too social and I'm NOT working this winter....