Sunday, February 16, 2014

A great day to visit a sinkhole :-)

Pittman Visitor Center
Altoona, FL

Our time in Florida is almost halfway through!
We still have places we want to see, and things we want to do,
so it was time to get off our butts :-)

Not too far from here, about 33 miles, is the Lake Eaton sinkhole.
There is a trail that goes to an observation platform to see it.

It was a pretty easy hike to get to the sinkhole itself.
There were 188 steps down to get to it!

I'm not sure what I was expecting. 
In my mind, a sinkhole looked like a huge hole with some vegetation :-)
Yup, that's what this was..

It was hard to tell how deep it was, as it was grown up with trees.
Still the hike was nice :-)
We also did the Lake Eaton Loop trail.
It looped around part of the lake, and it was nice.

There weren't a lot of birds to see,
no alligators,
not even a mosquito!

We could see the controlled burn across the lake.
There are fires in the forest almost every day,
done by the fire center.

We hiked a total of 2.57 miles, not a lot,
but we're trying to get conditioned for Amazon.

We treated ourselves to a Bruster's ice cream cone afterwards.

No Jamaica-me-Crazy, Sherry! :-(


  1. OH drat! No JMC! Poor you. So what flavors did you have instead. Those cones look mighty good!!

    1. I had one scoop of coconut chip & and one scoop of peanut butter crunch, it was very good!

  2. Great hike, good for you! You are inspiring me. I still want to hike to the Deep Hole in Myakka River State Park about 2 1/2 miles one way. Used to do that all the time, but not when it's hot and in full sun!

  3. What no mosquitoes? Thanks for putting up with my old blog for so long. Hated having to change but the frustration level became intolerable.

  4. Nothing like an ice cream cone to replace the calories you burned on that hike. We do that all the time. With all the hikes we take while workamping, you'd think our pants would fit looser... ;c)

    Only in Florida can a sink hole become a tourist attraction!

  5. Out west is the Grand Canyon, in Fl there is a new sink hole opening up almost weekly! Hope one doesn't open up near us!