Sunday, January 19, 2014

Some family come for a visit

Prunedale, CA

I've been enjoying my time visiting with my parents.
My Dad seems to be doing fantastic,
but they delayed Friday's chemo treatment because his platelet count was down.
I've been running errands with my Mom,
and basically just relaxing.
The weather has been great, high 70's and sunshine abounding.
Unfortunately, California is in an extreme drought,
and it looks like water rationing is on the horizon.

Yesterday we got a call from my Aunt Judy & Uncle Don.
They live in Bakersfield (where we moochdocked last year).
Don wanted to take a drive up and see us for a visit.

They arrived around noon, and we had a great time visiting.

Laughter is always on tap when the sisters get together!

After a bit, my Mom got up and decided to fix a nice meatloaf dinner.
It was great!

Soon after, Don & Judy had to leave.
It's a 4 hour drive to Bakersfield, but they stayed half way in Paso Robles.

So nice of them to make the trek!

I'm missing George :-(
He's keeping busy working the forest.
Today he's picking up a new anode rod for the water heater.
He says it was 30 degrees when he got up this morning!
Nicer to be warmer here in CA than in Florida. :-)


  1. That weather sounds great! Glad that you are getting the chance to have some quality time with your family.

    Brrrr!! Can't believe it was 30 degrees this morning in Florida. It was low 50s here. The breeze was cool though. I keep hoping that we hit some warmer weather soon.

  2. So sweet George! You two are just as cute as you can be. Lucky lucky both of you!! I know your family was so happy to see you Laurie and I'm sure envying you that warm weather. What in the world is wrong with Florida this year???

  3. I love how you miss each other :) That is very special and I hope you always feel that way.
    I know, too, that your mom and dad are really appreciating you being there. Sometimes, we do what we have to do :)

  4. Always great to see family, nice that you uncle and aunt drove all that way to see you. But we know seeing you is worth the trip. :c)

    Poor George, thank goodness he is doing all those extra work hours while you're gone, it'll help him stay warm in "Sunny" Florida! :cD