Thursday, January 30, 2014

Some birthday fun!

Prunedale, CA

The last few days have been pretty busy.
Since I've been here at my parents house,
I'm helping them by chauffeuring them to doctors appointments.
Chemo makes my Dad a bit dizzy :-(
Some of the appointments have been at the crack of dawn!

I also went to my old high school, Salinas High, where I graduated in 1975.
I will need proof of that for Amazon in the form of a diploma or transcripts.
Both my college & high school diplomas were destroyed in the flood.
It was an easy process to get my transcripts, for only $2.00,
as opposed to a copy of my diploma for $25!
My college diploma from San Jose State would take months to get.

The afternoons are spent relaxing and reading.
I think some relax a little too much... :-)
(They'll kill me for this picture!)

Their cleaning ladies came yesterday as well.
She brings her granddaughter Brianna,
who showed me her Ipad..

The best part of my day was dinner!
Yesterday was my 57th birthday..5 more years to SS!

My parents took me to a new restaurant called Patria,
which is in downtown Salinas.
The inside is made to look like an old European inn.

The food was delicious! I had the house smoked pork loin..

It was on a bed of mashed sweet potatoes with sauteed kale, savoy cabbage, and mustard greens.
It was fabulous!

My Mom & Dad really enjoyed sharing this place with me.


  1. Happy Birthday, sounds like a great place to celebrate.When we packed up the house I made sure to scan copies of our diplomas in case we'd ever need them.

  2. Happy Birthday! What a special treat to spend your birthday with your parents.

    Cute picture of your folks taking a little snooze. That actually looks like us in the evenings more often than not. :-(

  3. Happy Birthday young lady! You may be 57 but you look and act like you're 29! :c)

  4. Happy Birthday to you !!!! Have a great one!

  5. I'm with Mike and Terri. That looks a whole lot like us! Your birthday meal looks scrumptious!

  6. Hope you had a great BD! Continue enjoying your stay with your parents.

  7. Happy Happy Birthday Laurie!! Don't wish your years away though even for social security! Your parents look really happy. I know they are with you there.