Thursday, January 23, 2014

Great News!

Prunedale, CA

I had the pleasure of going with my parents to the oncologist on Tuesday.
My Dad had another PET scan of his pancreas & liver a week or so ago.
His doctor walked in with a huge grin on her face,
to tell us the news...
I had to ask often does stage IV pancreatic cancer 
go into remission?
"It happens, but it's very rare" was her reply!
We're all thinking that it is the constant prayers that are being said around the US.
Thank you!

He will continue with another round of chemo for good measure.

Last night we went out to their favorite Mexican restaurant to celebrate.
There is rejoicing in the Chamberlin household!


  1. There's a lot of people around the country rejoicing with you! Such good news!
    Damn cancer :(

  2. I can only echo Gail's post. Prayers and good wishes will continue for all of you!


  3. Remission is a wonderful thing to hear.

  4. Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy... we are all doing the Happy Dance Dad and your family!!! We will continue to keep him in our thoughts and prayers:o)

  5. That's Great!!! Give your day our congratulations!

    Jim and Linda

  6. Such great news to hear, so nice you were able to celebrate with them.

  7. What wonderful news! Miracles can and do happen! :c)

  8. That's awesome news!!! Remission is such a great word. It's really nice that you were able to be there in person for that. Celebrate!

  9. Wonderful news! It's great that you are there to share this with your parents.