Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Fellowship with lots of RVers

Pittman Visitor Center
Altoona, FL

When we got together with Nancy & Neil last week,
they had mentioned a group getting together today for lunch.
It seems that there are a lot of RV Dreamers in Florida!

George and I drove the 71 miles to Crystal River to

There we met up with 22 RVers.
Quite a few of them we've met before,
been with at rallies, the Carolina Clan,
and others we've 'met' by reading their blogs.

The restaurant did a nice job of getting the food to us, 
and put us all together.
It was a little too chilly to sit outside.

We tried to get everybody in the pictures..

Gail & Rick, Gin & Syl, Dan & Tricia, Neil & Nancy

Rick & Kathy, Donna & Ralph, Jonell & Dan, Phil & Rudee 

Jim & Dee, Al & Karen, Lee & Martha

Lee & Martha

Karen & Al

Tricia, George, Karen, Rudee

Lee, Gail, Gin, Dee, Syl, Neil

Me with in two different conversations.

We had a great time!
There are some we hadn't seen in over a year.
Some of the couples have just gotten off their gig with Amazon,
and we are going to give it a try this fall.
It was great to pick their brains a bit :-)

We are hoping to get together again later this spring
before we all scatter to different states!


  1. It was a wonderful time! The food was really good too.

  2. Wow, I was surprised at how many names and faces I recognized. Sorry we are too far away. Next year we plan to go to Florida, and watch, half of this group will be in TX or AZ. lol

  3. Wish we could have been there. What a great day you had!

  4. It was a fun time getting together!

  5. It was great to see so many people we haven't seen in quite sometime. It was so much fun.

  6. Wow this is great Laurie. Thanks so much for posting it. Wish I could have been there to meet the people in this group that I don't know. Rv Dreamers are always a great group.

  7. It turned out wonderful! So glad you guys made the drive. We should have given out prizes for those that drove the farthest :) I know Jim & Dee would come in first but I think you'd be second :)

  8. Did you get Howard's permission to hold an RV Dreamer's luncheon? Remember, he's a lawyer... ;c)

    Nice that you got together with all those folks. Wish we were in FL with you. Cold is not our thing any longer! :c(

  9. It was a very nice get together. Yes, there were many conversations going on. I think the restaurant did a good job with our large group.

  10. Good to see so many friends having a good time!! Maybe we can do it again later this winter when we move farther north:o))

  11. Looks like you all had a great time. Dreamers do have the most fun!

  12. Wish we could have made it. Looks like everyone had a Great Time!

  13. Looks like a great get-together, too bad we missed it! One of these years we'll have to try to get down to Florida.