Sunday, January 5, 2014

A nice visit with fellow RVers

Pittman Visitor Center
Altoona, FL

We've been plodding along here since the New Year flipped.
There is always lots of trash to pick up,
and we make our rounds of the forest in all kinds of weather :-)

Yesterday we had a nice surprise.
Our friends, Neil & Nancy Savage have left
the frozen north of Pennsylvania to spend a few months in Florida.
Since Neil's mom and sister live near us in the Villages,
they are staying for a few days in the Thousand Trails park nearby.

We took the drive over, about 40 minutes away.
Nancy had prepared a nice lunch for all of us of
chowder, and sausage hoagies.

Neil gave George a tour of the outside of their new Redwood,
and Nancy showed me the inside.
It's beautiful!

I think that Tatum likes it too!

We enjoyed seeing them!
They are leaving on Monday to head west,
and we'll be taking a trek towards Crystal River
on Wednesday to meet up with them again!


  1. Always nice to connect with friends and their rig is beautiful!

  2. Great that you could get together. Give all the folks over in the Crystal River a big hello for us!!

  3. We looked at a couple of Redwoods. Liked them but out of our price range. Bet not wishing you were back in PA right now.

  4. Always fun to meet up with friends. Glad you are able to do it so easily. Looking forward to seeing who all is over there in Crystal River.

  5. We enjoyed your visit so much...see you soon!

  6. It's nice to meet up with friends on the road. See ya soon!

  7. Glad they finally got their Redwood. They sure were looking forward to it back at the CC. From the pictures, it sure was worth the wait.

  8. It's always fun to meet up with friends on the road. That Tatum sure is a cutie!