Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A new year!

Pittman Visitors Center
Altoona, FL

Happy New Year to all!

Last night we actually stayed up until midnight,
and spent it with friends playing games
and having a lot of fun!
There were a few decorations..

We started out having some good things to eat,
including black eyed peas..

and then playing a domino game called Spinner.
The group decided on playing Chicken Foot as well.

Rosemary & Carol had provided some New Year hats & tiaras and leis..

...then we played a few games of Fast Track..

Finally, through all kinds of yawning..
we made it to midnight!

We watched the ball drop on the TV,
so it was official..

 a toast to 2014!

George and I hope that the coming year
brings good health, good times,
and new adventures!


  1. Happy New Year to you guys, hope it is a great one!

  2. Impressive that you were able to stay up to midnight! Happy New Year, hope to see you guys often in 2014! :c)

  3. made it till midnight, huh? Good for you. We did too. I have to say though that that last photo looked a little blurry. Too much cheer? :)

  4. Happy New Year- hope the best for you in 2014

  5. Hope you youngsters toasted at Midnight for us old folks, we were fast asleep but we still wish you a very Happy and Healthy New Year!!

  6. Happy New Year! Yes, that last selfie looked a bit blurry, haha. But impressive that you stayed up to midnight. I was fast asleep by then. Happily the new year came in without me. :)

    Hope 2014 is a great year for you and George!!

  7. Cheers! We made it to midnight also but in our chairs watching TV :) We are so exciting :)
    Hope you are feeling better. Let's try to meet half way one day soon.

  8. Black eye peas? That's on today's menu. Along with cornbread, cabbage and ham. According to my Cajun husband, it's a MUST.

    Hoping the new year finds you well at the beginning and even more so at the end.

  9. We got through a couple of rounds of Mexican Train but Joe is still under the weather so we started heading for bed about 11:00 . Fire works told us it was the magical moment of 2014. then we drifted off to lala land.

  10. Happy New Years we made it to midnight, eastern time though we're in TX so guess it doesn't count.

  11. Looks like you brought in 2014 much like us... food, drinks, games, and fun!

    Happy New Year!!!