Thursday, January 2, 2014

A look back - 2013 recap

Pittman Visitors Center
Altoona, FL

On October 1 of 2013 we started our second year on the road!

I've decided to do a recap of the highlights of the past year..

January - April

The first part of the year found us at our first workamping gig
at Coyote Valley RV Resort in Morgan Hill, CA.
We enjoyed the job at a first class resort, and will be back!

Our primary reason to be in the area,
was the proximity to my parents home,
as well as my older son, Adam.
We spent a lot of time with them in the 4 months.

George & I also formed some great friendships..

Seems like we were always eating or drinking something!

In May it was time to move on.
We spent some time exploring northern California,
seeing Yosemite..

Mt. Shasta..

and getting together with a lifelong friend!

June - August

Our next adventure led us to Oregon for the summer.
We applied, and got, a workamping job
for the Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife
at their Cedar Creek fish hatchery.

We were 'hosts' for the hatchery,
but our main job was mowing grass, and keeping the grounds looking nice.
The views were fantastic, and the fish didn't give us any problems!
We got to explore a lot in the area & surrounding cities.
Portland, Astoria, and the lovely coastal towns were some of the places we visited.

In July, my parents came up for a week,
and we toured around with them, enjoying their company.

In August, we found out that my Dad was diagnosed with
Stage IV Pancreatic cancer.
It was quite a blow to my family, as he has been healthy otherwise.
We all decided at the time, it was best for us to continue with our plans,
as we had another workamping commitment in Florida.

In September we said farewell to Oregon,
then skipped down to California to visit with my parents for a few days.
There were some events on the east coast that we had made plans for,
so we high-tailed it east, putting some miles on!

My son Austin was living in Denver, so we stopped there for one night..

There were our friends in Ohio to see..

and finally, a visit to PA to see George's family..

We also spent time with some fellow RVers, Jim & Dee, and friends who came to camp with us.


Found us very social!
We attended the fall RV Dreams rally in Franklin, NC.

Then spending some time in Georgia at J. Strom Thurmond Lake..
and were lucky enough to have some time with this crew..

who then led us to our next gathering,
the Carolina Clan, in Murrells Inlet, SC.

November - December

We are rounding out the end of 2013 workamping
in the Ocala National Forest.

Once again, our primary job is maintenance,
which we really enjoy.
Picking up trash is no picnic,
but who can complain when we spend our days outside in sunny Florida?

..will find us in Florida until the end of April.
I am flying to California in a couple of weeks to spend some quality time with my parents,
while George stays to fulfill our commitment to the forest.
We will travel back to California at that point,
staying as long as needed through the summer and early fall.
A job at the Amazon fulfillment center in Campbellsville, KY in October sounds promising to us.
We have been lucky to have had funds to carry us through 2013,
without touching our investments, but it is time to replenish the coffers :-)

George & I hope that we have the opportunity to meet up with fellow RVers,
friends we've met, and friends yet to meet!


  1. What a lovely recap of the year. We've enjoyed following your journey, and especially enjoyed being part of it! Hope our adventures cross again this year. Continued prayers for your dad.

  2. Sounds like you had a good year. Hope 2014 is just a good or better.

    Jim and Linda

  3. Hey, we miss you guys! Hopefully we can spend more time with you in 2014. We'll keep you and your whole family in our prayers.

  4. Great recap!! I wish I'd done these for our first 3 years. You may have inspired me to try one. It just seems like such a big task. If only we only moved about as often as you do. I guess I'll need to workcamp for that to happen. The places I like to be in only allow me to stay for 2 weeks. :-) I'm hoping your father is doing well and that this next year is a good one for your entire family.

  5. You guys really covered a lot of ground in 2013! Have a safe trip back to California. Our best to your family.

  6. This is a great recap of 2013. I wish you well in 2014. We'll be out west this summer so hopefully we can meet up with you again. It's been a great year.

  7. I hope 2014 will be as fabulous or even better!!