Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Safety meeting fun

Pittman Visitors Center
Altoona, FL

Once a month we are required to attend a safety meeting
with the other volunteers and paid staff in the Ocala National Forest.
They try to have it in different locations as a lot of people have to drive long distances
to attend them depending on where they are located.

Today's meeting was nice, as it was a potluck!
This meeting's topic was on bear safety.
There has been a lot of issues with black bear roaming around
some of the more primitive campgrounds in the forest.
This one was standing still for the picture ;-)

The other topic put me to sleep..

hard to tell from the slide on the screen, 
but it was on electrical lines that run through the forest.
We are told to stay away from them!
No problem :-)

Best part of the meeting was the potluck!

Everyone brought good food to eat..
and we fed a lot of volunteers & staff.

We also had some unexpected visitors too..

I think they thought they should come inside to eat too!

One last shot...
Sunday night we went to Bob & Rosemary's to play
Hand & Foot.
As we got there, the sun was going down..
it was beautiful!


  1. I'm with you. Bears, interesting. Electric lines - not so much. Gorgeous sunset to have right out the door. Pretty nice and the two legged company too.

  2. Oh boy, a meeting topped off with a potluck? You know we're all about the food! :-)

  3. Beautiful sunset. A meeting with a potluck, nice my kind of work place. Bears & birds great, electrical lines-yawn.

  4. A beautiful sunset and hand & foot? Perfect!

  5. Did those Sandhill Cranes know that they, too need to stay away from electrical lines?

    Would as many people attended the safety meeting if there was no pot luck dinner following? I guess it was smart to do the eats after the meeting. Think how hard if would be if you ate first and then tried to stay awake during the meeting with the food coma setting in... :cD