Saturday, December 28, 2013

In the nick of time - Health Insurance stories..

Pittman Visitor Center
Altoona, FL

We want to share a few pictures from Christmas.
My son's girlfriend, Candee, took some pictures 
for me while they were there for the day.

My Mom wearing the scarf I got her.
I bought it from Jeannie, (Where's Eldo?)
from her Etsy site.
She's got some great crafts on there, check it out!

Also, a great picture of my Dad!
He looks great, despite the hair loss from chemo.
Of course, he didn't have much hair


My son, Adam, got a lesson on cooking
Aebleskivers - a Danish donut-type pastry,
cooked in a special pan.

We wished we could have been there!

In the meantime..
George and I lost our health insurance on Nov. 30th.
I was helping out for the new owner of the water company,
but the help is not needed anymore.
We've been trying daily to apply for coverage
on the infamous Obamacare website.
I'd fill out all the information,
only to be told 
'our verification system is down, come back in 24 hours'.
Of course, I came back everyday to 'update',
meaning I had to read over everything I had entered in before.

I'm happy to say that finally, a couple days ago,
they must have verified our info,
because I was able to choose a plan for us.

We are insured through Avera,
with a PPO plan with a $10,000 deductible.
Of course, since it is a PPO, while traveling,
we will have to pay most everything out-of-pocket.
At least our prescriptions are covered!
We also chose a dental plan for me,
which is covered nationally.
We also chose to apply our eligible credit
towards the premium,
making our monthly cost around $150.00/month.

Now our goal is to stay nice and healthy!


  1. I don't know if I should be happy or sad for you with that high deductible plan. Good thing you guys are so young so staying active and healthy will be easy for you! ;c)

  2. I'm impressed with the $150! That's for both of you?? $10,000 deductible...not bad when compared to traditional policies that just cost that much a year in premiums :)

  3. Wow $150 is great. Could you have had a lower deductible with a cost of say $400?? So glad you got on the site. I sure hope that company gets their program together. They have made a real mess of what should have been a good system.

  4. Glad to hear that you were finally able to get insurance, even if it is a high deductible plan. Health and happiness in 2014!

  5. So glad you were able to get health insurance. Perhaps you should have made yourself more "needed" with the new owner of the water company. :)

  6. At last, Len will have Medicare in just 3 days. As you know we tried 4 years ago to buy a high ($10,000 a year) deductible and was turned down in both TX and SD. So he had no insurance. He could have kept his insurance from State of NJ forever but it cost $900.00 a month. Could not do it. Bottom line, we are far ahead. No major problems until early this year when he was hospitalized for blood clot in leg. This year we've paid $11,314 in medical bills. If we had that $10,000 deductible we applied for, the insurance would have only paid $1,134 of our costs, leaving us the $10,000 deductible. So - 4 years of no premiums, I would say we are ahead by far. But it was a huge gamble. PLEASE, only two more days, let there be NO PROBLEMS!!!!!!

    Hoping both of you stay healthy this coming year and for years to come.

  7. Merry Christmas George and Laurie. So glad you were able to get insurance. We finally got Andy insurance through Ehealth and I am going with the company insurance. What a hassle. God bless and Happy New Year!