Friday, December 6, 2013

Exploring Silver Springs State Park

Pittman Visitor Center
Altoona, FL

What a perfect day!
It was 85 and nice puffy clouds..

We took a drive west to Silver Springs to take a peek.

This used to be called Silver River State Park, and has just recently been 
combined with Silver Springs Nature Theme Park on 10/1.
There is a concessionaire who operates
a glass bottom boat ride,
canoe/kayak rentals,
gift shops & dining areas,
special events and concerts.
They are starting to renovate the area, 
and there are areas that are still shut down.
Not all of the gift shops were open,
but we did decide to try out the glass bottom boat ride.
For $9.99/person it was a short ride at the spring head,
for about a half hour.
It was informative, and our guide, Earl told us a lot about the spring.

The park was decorated for Christmas and they have a light show
the evenings in December.

Once we were on the boat ride, we were amazed at the crystal clear water..

We saw a couple gators sunning themselves..

and a family of turtles as well.

We took a walk around the grounds as well.
They have done a lovely job of making it a nice place to stroll.

There were times when we were surrounded by Ibis!

We thoroughly enjoyed our day there.
It will be a lovely place to take the kayak out too!


  1. That looks like a very enjoyable ride. Beautiful clear water and the wildlife is great.

  2. I first did the Silver Springs glass bottom boats on a trip to Ocala to visit my Great Aunt Carrie in the late 50's. Boy was it exciting. So they have actually changed the name of Silver River State Park to Silver Springs State Park? I'll be very interested to see what they do the "amusement" area to perhaps make it more environmental. Or at least I hope. We've stayed at the park and loved it and launched the kayaks to kayak up to the spring on the river. That was before they owned the spring itself. You really must do that kayak if you can to see the monkeys IF they are of a mind to be seen.

  3. Is that where the monkeys are? You didn't mention them so I'm thinking it's another park with a similar name. The photos of the glass bottom boat tour were wonderful! Makes me want to go visit there!

    1. Yes, that's where the Rhesus Monkeys are. We didn't see any while on the boat, but the guide says they have been shy due to the renovations by the spring head in the park.

  4. Let's see, gators and an inflatable kayak. You're waay braver than me. With my luck, Murphy would make my boat spring a leak just as the gators started eyeballing me... :cD

  5. Silver River is a great one to kayak. The monkeys are too cute...just don't stare them down!

  6. Lots of great SPs in FL. That is one of my favorites.

  7. That sounds like a fun way to spend the day. The water is so clear!

  8. Your photos looks amazing. Sounds you have spend your time beautifully!!