Friday, November 29, 2013

A bit of a feast

Pittman Visitors Center
Altoona, FL

We had a great Thanksgiving feast yesterday.
One of the forest centers volunteer groups
hosted a potluck Thanksgiving dinner up in their area -
the OHV (Off Highway Vehicle) site.
Those volunteers get to ride ATVs and maintain the trails 
for the OHVs that run through the forest.

They had a signup sheet for all traditional foods,
and they provided the turkey & ham.
We rode up with Bob & Rosemary,
and got there to watch preparations..

Soon, the rest of the volunteers arrived..
and some of the men talked about the government,
and working for same :-)

 Finally it was time to eat!

 Oh yeah, I brought the rolls...

The food was great, the company even better!
The day warmed up, so we all sat outside for awhile.
Rosemary and I took a short walk around the complex.

Soon everything wrapped up, and we got home to snooze a bit!


  1. A Thanksgiving while on the road is sometimes a challenge. Looks like you did just fine.

  2. I'm hanging on your words - "the day warmed up"! Glad you had a nice Thanksgiving gathering too.

  3. Sounds like the weather is headed in the right direction. :-)