Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Smoky Mountain retreat!

Great Outdoors RV Resort
Franklin, NC

We made our 7 hour trip from Staunton, VA to Franklin, NC with no issues.
No lectures on the length of the trip! :-)
Oh, and just a note on some of the comments on our mileage..
it is our only vehicle, so we do use it for everything, not just towing.
We should have reported our towing versus our driving unhooked miles.
We actually had 12,227 towing miles.
Which means we had 10,562 unhooked miles.
Either way you look at it, we saw a lot of country so far!

We are now at Great Outdoors RV Resort in the Smoky Mountains.

George and I are here for the RV-Dream's fall rally.
It is so nice to see Howard & Linda again.

We had a nice sunset, followed by some nice time around a campfire at their site.

We are looking forward to the rally which begins on Thursday.
The weather is perfect, mid 70's, and clear skies!


  1. Ah ha! You're were playing with those mileage numbers just like the government plays with our tax dollars! ;c)

    Have a great time, wish we were there.

  2. I noticed it looks like you're close to a freeway. Is it noisy?

    1. Route 23 runs down the mountain beside the campground. We can hear 'some' traffic noise, mostly the trucks using their Jake brakes to slow down. It's not bad at all.

  3. Ditto, wish we were there too. I know you are going to have a really great time. Super way to celebrate being on the road a full year.

  4. Enjoy the rally, one of these days we'll make one. Love the Smokies.

  5. I sure wish we were there! Have fun, I can't wait to hear all about it in SC.

  6. Looks like a nice park, I know you will have a great time at the rally.

  7. We predict lots of fun coming your way during the next few days. Enjoy the rally!

  8. Yup, one of these days if they have a rally in along our travel route, just might go to one.

    Have a blast!

  9. Whoa! That is one of the things that I really love doing. I love road tripping with a comfortable RV so I could just relax without being in a hurry and just enjoying the view, stop to eat at cool diners, etc. I'm going to do this someday. :)