Monday, October 7, 2013

RV Dreams rally - Day 5

Great Outdoors RV Resort
Franklin, NC

Last day of seminars were today.
George attended 'Internet on the Road'
and we both attended the seminar on 'Boondocking & Solar'.

After lunch, there was RV Open House.
Anyone that wanted to opened their RVs to anyone that wanted to see the inside.
It is nice to see how others decorate and make their rigs their own.

We got some nice comments on Harvey.

Tonight's dinner was great too!
We had turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, and pie.

The theme for tonight was 'Fall'..
so there were all sorts of Fall decorations on the table,
and Linda had temporary tattoos for us to put on..

 The DJ started playing songs,
and dancing ensued!

We've met some really great people..

We hope to see them all down the road!


  1. More friendships made, and dancing the night away! Great times!!

  2. What a great time! Now to hear all about it when we see you in SC. lol

  3. Oh what fun!! Our RV-Dreams Family is really growing:o))

  4. It is a shame that good things also must come to an end! The good thing about a temporary tattoo is it is TEMPORARY.

  5. I would have loved to attend those two seminars. I'm sure you learned a lot of beneficial information. Glad to see you out there dancing the night away. Nice tattoo George!

  6. Looks like an early thanksgiving dinner with lots of friends!

  7. Looks like a lot of fun. Nice pictures ! We went to the RV Dreams Rally in Kerrville and had a good time too. We didn't do any line dancing then but went to all the seminars and really like the Open House part. Safe Travels!

  8. You and George look so cute with your tattoos. I think you should make them permanent... :cD

    Glad no one got hurt with all that dancing. Some wild twisting and turning! So much fun for you kids! ;c)